The Louisiana in the Civil War Message Board - Archive

Special Announcements Page is Installed!

Well, I've finally setup the LACWMB "Special Announcements" page. If you click on the "Special Announcements" link button at the top of the "Message Index" you'll find that it is working now.

The purpose of the Special Announcements page is to allow contributors to this site to post items of interest to visitors and regulars on this board. I know many of our group are also reenactors, CWRT members, SCV and SUVCW members, etc. On the Special Announcements page you can tell others about your next meeting, guest speaker, memorial service, reenactment or encampment and so forth. The site is completely interactive and allows the poster to delete their message when it is no longer timely or valid.

I will be doing an emailing to the online Louisiana SCV and SUVCW camps, reenactment groups and others to make them aware of this page. But in the meantime, if you would like to inform your friends and associates of its existence, please do so.

So you keep up-to-date on Louisiana CW activities, announcements and news, I'd suggest that you check the Special Announcements page regularly.

I hope you find this new page of value. I look forward to you comments, questions and suggestions.