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New Book Excerpt

Any help with maps, sources, and copies of letters/diaries/journals/papers/flags/stats of troops raised (IE: white, free black, slave ect.), would be of great help as well as tips on focus for the 1861-65 Arkansas war.

Thanks for the help I'll keep you updated as well as any stuff I get will be shared with any and all as well.

As with all the books that I've looked through for form and style all contributions may be noted in footnote or caption with the work, all contributed work will be in the bibliography.

Any help in passing the word along to others would be great.


James Acerra

Excerpt from Arkansas Civil War Battles and Skirmishes 1861-1865 ęCopyright 1997-2002 by James Acerra

"As in all the South camps and regiments sprang up like wild flowers after the rain. The local veteran militia as well as the local green recruits came to the Confederate call or left for the Union banner. The brother or uncle or kin made their decision to declare their right to fight for State or Country very few of the Arkansas troops fought for or against slavery both sides from Arkansas had black soldiers (freeman or slave) serving as well as some women."