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Dear Friends,

For the past year and a half we have worked hard to bring an awareness to the public by providing information and concerns relating to our Petersburg National Battlefield's planning for the future. In order to provide information and express our concerns a website was created for your viewing at

The view includes:
1. Re-inclusion of valuable forts and fortifications BACK INTO the Petersburg National Battlefield Park. These are previously protected veteran's consecrated Petersburg National Battlefield Park lands that were to be preserved by the NPS for future generations. This is offered FREE land excluding maintenance. We hope you find it as odd as we do that today's NPS holdings today start at the Petersburg City line. (excluding 2 PA monuments in need of attention)
2. Like the City of Petersburg does and many do -- INCLUDE the first attack and battle for the capture of the City of Petersburg on 9 June 1864 (Battle of the Old Men and Young Boys) into their "whole story" of the Siege of Petersburg. A FREE compelling story.
3. Emphasize in their planning, the maintenance of the CW veteran's monuments and the traditional core veteran's consecrated National Park in addition to their "rethinking."

Today, your input into this planning WILL have a positive effect on its outcome. Please review the following websites relating to past and future planning by the Petersburg National Battlefield and the National Park Service. If this view that we have provided for you or any part of it MAKES SENSE -- PLEASE take the time to let the National Park Service and your Congressional representatives know your feelings. Below also is the NPS's notice for public input. This may be an opportunity of a lifetime since it has been since the mid-60s since such a planning has taken place and the results of this planning will be in place for many years to come.

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"Release Date: 04/01/2002
Contact Name: Bob Kirby, Supt. (804) 732-3571
G.M.P. Conceptual Alternatives Workshops
Conceptual Alternatives Workshops Planned to Present GMP Conceptual Alternatives

Based on the many comments Petersburg National Battlefield received from the public last year, and with the help provided them by their professional consultant team, LDR International, and staff from the National Park Service’s Philadelphia Office, the park in anxious to share with the public concepts they feel could provide guidance and direction to park management for years to come.

The public is invited to attend one of the workshops in their community. The workshops will be held in the following locations at the times indicated:

Tuesday, May 7th. 7-9 p.m., City of Petersburg, Petersburg High School, 3101 Johnson Road, Petersburg.

Wednesday, May 8th. 7-9 p.m., City of Hopewell, Hopewell High School, 400 S. Mesa Drive, Hopewell.

Thursday, May 9th. 2-4 p.m., Prince George County, Fort Lee Officers Club (Mahone and Lee Avenue), Fort Lee.

Thursday, May 9th. 6-8 p.m., Dinwiddie County, Rohoic Elementary School, (Route 460, near the Dinwiddie County Airport)

For those who cannot make the public workshops, Petersburg National Battlefield will post the conceptual alternatives on their website at For those without access to the Internet, meeting handouts will be available upon request. To request meeting handout materials or to provide comments and suggestions on the concepts presented, please write to:

Superintendent Petersburg National Battlefield 1539 Hickory Hill Road Petersburg, VA 23803 Attn: GMP “Conceptual Alternatives”

Or via e-mail to:

The public is asked to provide their return surface mail address if they wish to be added to the park’s GMP mailing list. All addresses provided are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and cannot be withheld. Responses will not be provided via e-mail.

All press releases, letters to the mailing list, conceptual alternatives and the Draft GMP document will be posted on the Internet as they become available. Please check them out at:

Click on “General Management Plan” under Quick Links.

Park Superintendent, Bob Kirby stated, “Once again we are asking for the public’s input into planning process which will help us develop a good General Management Plan for the battlefield. We were very impressed with the citizen turnout we had last year and it is our hope that they will respond as enthusiastically this year”.

Petersburg National Battlefield was established in order to commemorate the campaign, siege, and defense of Petersburg, Virginia, in 1864 and 1865 and to preserve for historical purposes the breastworks, earthworks, walls or other defenses or shelters used by the armies.

For further information, please contact Superintendent Bob Kirby via e-mail at"