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The Macon Cavalry -- More Correspondence

JACKSON, June 16th, 1862.

To His Excellency, President DAVIS.

SIR: Lieut. James informs me that he is going on to Richmond to lay some matters before you in regard to the manner he has been treated by Capt. T. W. Cochran. When they organized a Cavalry company in La., Cochran wrote me that he desired to get the company in my Regiment, and sent Mr. James to see me in person. I agreed to receive them when they had the requisite number provided it was in a short time. In a few days they reported the company ready and awaiting my orders. This report was written by Cochran. He brought the company to Vicksburg and occupied my camp but in a few days his conduct was such that I was glad to get clear of him. So were all my officers. Young Mr. James will give you the particulars. I hope the circumstances will justify your looking in to Cochran's actions and that justice will be done Mr. James, who acted in the affair with me as becomes a Gentleman & soldier.

Very truly yours,