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Louisiana Dead in Jackson, Miss.

I thought this might be of interest as there are a large number of Louisiana dead listed in this 1867 newspaper article.

Jackson, Mississippi, Clarion, April 27, 1867.

The Decoration Yesterday
List of the Confederate Dead in Jackson Cemeteries

As was to be expected, there was a very general attendance at the cemeteries yesterday to decorate the graves of the slumbering heroes of the "lost cause." There was no ostentatious display or parade, nor would such have been suitable to the occasion; but tokens of respect and affection were to be seen on every mound that indicated where a soldier slept.

We have been at some pains, as the reader will see, in preparing a list of those buried in our cemeteries, and have arranged the names by States and each in alphabetical order. some of the head boards are so illegibly marked as to make it impossible to decipher the inscriptions. The * in the following list indicates a doubt as to the correctness of the name. We suggest that the Ladies Cemetery Association inaugurate some movement for procuring new and plainly marked headboards, and, with a view to the more certain and careful preservation of the graves, let each member take a State or any number of graves convenient to each other. We are frequently inquired of by parties throughout the South as to the graves of their friends, and are often unable to show or describe the exact spot to them. We commend the adoption of some systematic and permanent plan in the premises; and if this is done everywhere it will be a source of consolation to many who are now unable to ascertain the fate or burial place of loved ones:

Andrews K S, 31st regt. co Aódied Sept 3, 1862
Allen J H, 4th battalion
Butler J M 40th regt, co L
Bently Albert, 23d regt, co I, March 21, 1862
Beverly Thos J, 30th regt, co G Feb 20, 1863
Boyd D S, 28th regt, co B June 19, 1862
Brock W A, 23d regt, co B, May 7, 1863
Barrett* James, 31st regt.
Crutchfield R E, 40th regt.
Dodd C J, 30th regt. co K, Dec 5, 1862
Duckwoth W J, 22d regt, co G, June 23, 1863
Dannen J H, 11th regt, co H.
Denenet L A, Huntsville, Ala, (not certain as to his having been a soldier.)
Elkin, John, 27th regt, co K.
Florence, Hamilton, 30th regt. co I, Dec 20, 1862.
Farley -----, 24th regt, co H.
Fowler J M, 41st, co I, of Fayette co, June 7, 1863.
George W, 40th regt, June 17, 1863.
Goss B A, 1st regt. co A.
Gaines James M, 18th regt, co E.
Garrett G W, 30th regt, co E, July 5, 1863.
Gray Thomas, 30th regt, co H, June 2, 1863.
Glassell G W, 31st regt. co C, June 21, 1863.
Hall James, 1st regt, co A.
John R, 42d regt, Feb 22, 1863.
Kirk B T, 4th regt, co B, Sept 4, 1862.
Liles J M, 35th regt, Sept 10, 1862.
Lee Wm J, 61st regt, co B, August 11, 1862.
Lokey J F, 54th regt, co F, May 29, 1862.
McKenney lieut W A, 42d regt, April 26, 1863.
Martin H P, 23d regt, co D, July 6, 1863.
Moore F H, 32d regt, co B, June 10, 1863.
Montgomery C L, 4th regt, co A, June 5, 1863.
McFadden H, 30th regt, co B, June 31, 1863.
McGash wm, 43d regt.
Nan F, 31st regt.
Newbry J M, 50th regt, co B.
Newton W, Nov 27, 1862.
Neighbors John H, 31st regt, co F, June 21, 1863.
Osborne, T M, 1st regt, co H.
Payne -----, 36th regt, co H.
Prior* J, 52nd regt, May 2, 1863.
Reed J W, 20th regt, co A, June 23, 1863.
Shuffied A D, 35th regt, co I, Dec 13, 1862.
Speegle J C, 42d regt, co H, March 24, 1863.
Spalding J A, 1st regt, co A, October 1, 1862.
Stother* W, 35th regt, co H, August 25, 1862.
Shorton J, 11th regt.
Stall J F, 4th battalion.
Seveno* H, 1ast regt, co H, Nov 20, 1862.
Smith A J, 20th regt, co A.
Smith lieut G B, 41st regt, co A, July 16, 1863.
Sweet C, 27th regt, Nov 20, 1862.
Sexton Wm G, 54th regt, co B, June 3, 1863.
Townsend corpl R P, 20th regt, co H, Nov 29, 1862.
Yates J M, 37th regt, co B, May 7, 1863.


Bunce J H, 19th regtódied Feb 2, 1863.
Bolt Ben, 2nd regt.
Browne------, Johnson's regt, co K.
Bennett J S, 20th regt, co B.
Butler M, --regt, co A.
Baldwin R B, 11th regt, Nov 16, 1862.
Buckley W H, 13th regt, co C, Dec 30, 1862.
Bailey John G, 19th regiment, Dec 27, 1862.
Baskins Wm R, 1st regt, co C, May 10, 1863.
Cox L Bóbattalion, company H.
Connelly J N.
Clark F B, 3d regt.
Edmonds J T, 1st regt, co C, May 19, 1863.
Foster L R, 18th regt, co I, Dec 16, 1862.
Fuller R F, 9th regt, co G, June 25, 1862.
Farley Louis, 24th regt, June 10, 186-
Gibbs H, 14th regt.
Grohow J T, 11th regt.
Hargrove L M.
Hagins J J, 1st regt.
Hastings lieut W F, 6th regt.
Johnson N T, 1st regt, co G, October 22, 1862.
Jones W. G, 41st regt, co C, November 10, 1862.
McCarker J D, 9th regiment, April 22, 1863.
Middleton J A, 14th regiment.
Mott R S, Morgan's Arkansas cavalry, Dec 13, 1862.
Null W, 3d regiment, January 13, 1863.
Rufty Wiley, 20th regiment, June 25, 186-
Shaver james, 5th regt, co B, May 11, 1863.
Scott J M, 20th regt, co C, June 27, 1863.
Tisdale F M, 3d regiment, company G.
Waller sergt J M, 3d regiment, company G.


Anderson J F, 4th regt, co Dódied July 2, 1863.
Addison Jno S, 1st Lieut. 4th regt, co E, Dec 19, 1862.
Brydn J M, 3rd regiment, company F.
Lee J, 1st cavalry, co L.
Matthews John, Davis's regt, co E, Dec 12, 1862.
Nall A, 1st and 3d consolidated regiment, co F, July 2, 1863.
Stewart A, 4th regt, co A, July 15, 1863.
Sessions S R, 4th regt, co C, July 6, 1863.
Toler Larkin, 6th regt, co C, December 25, 1862.
Wharton F F, 3rd regiment, company G.
Wright George, 1st regt, co H, January 10, 1863.


Anderson J L, 39th regt, co Gódied Feb 6, 1863.
Arny L, 18th regiment, company K.
Allel M, 42d regiment, January 26, 1863.
Bencham John A, 43d regiment, January 26, 1863.
Bruce Keelish, 43d regt, co I, June 5, 1863.
Brown George, 41st regt, co B, June 11, 1863.
Brocke W. E, 43d regt, co E, May 12, 1863.
Barrett Wm, 47th regt, co E, May 18, 1865.
Bailey W H, 42d regt, co B, May 6, 1863.
Curry C W, 3d cavalry.
Compton J J, 39th regt, co C.
Dight Berry, 54th regt December 21, 1863.
Driscoll J P, 36th regt, co D, May 29, 1863.
Everett L, 43d regt, co A, June 26, 1863.
Ferguson Y J, 46th regt, co A, July 5, 1863.
Gibson John B, 41st regt, co D, January 20, 1863.
Gibbs J B. 43d regt, co L, May 19, 1863.
Hale R, 43d regt, February 13, 1863.
Henderson* J J, 59th regt, co A, June 1, 1863.
Harris J J, 3rd regt.
Harris J W, 40th regt, co E, December 20, 1863.
Harper* Theo, 59th regt, co F, May 2, 1863.
Isler Z. 25th regt, co C, May 21, 1863.
Ingle Joseph, 39th regt, co C, June 3, 1863.
Jones sergt A H, 34th regt, co C, Dec 2, 1862.
Jackson P A, 4th regt, co C, Dec 2, 1863.
Keens J W, 31st regt, Feb 3, 1863.
King C, 42d regt, April 7, 1863.
Kirsey Amos, 36th regt, co C.
Keoyve* W J, 39th regt, co C, June 15, 1863.
Lyles Napoleon B, 36th regt, co I, Feb 6, 1863.
Lane P, 42d regt, Feb 13, 1863.
Lord J H. 57th regt, co D, ay 17, 1863.
Mize W H, 34th regt, Feb 1, 1863.
Mullock C, 57th regt, March 5, 1863.
Montgomery H H, 52d regt, co D.
Mantooth Thomas, 36th regt, co H, jan 16, 1863.
Merrell W P, 42d regt, April 12, 1863.
Mauldin John 40th regt, co I, June 26, 1863.
McGehee J M, 57th regt, co F, June 15, 1863.
Nix G L, 56th regt. co D, December 26, 1862.
Nix Matthew, 36th regt, co E, Jan 22, 1863.
Nixon G H, 43d regiment, April 29, 1863.
Payne W, 57th regiment, co I, January 6, 1863.
Phillips J D [rip in page] th regt, co G, December 19, 1862.
Parker Aaron J, 42d regt, co E, Feb 26, 1863.
Parker Leander, 30th regt, co H, July 7, 1862.
Parr T M, 56th regt, co B, May --, 1863.
Red M S, 36th regt, co E, January 19, 1863.
Rocks Wm, 56th regt, co H, December 4, 1863.
Rials S M, 47th regt, co H, June 11, 1863.
Roach J B, 56th regt, co D, July1, 1863.
Storey A M, 41t regt, co D, Jan 21, 1863.
Smith R A, 55th regt.
Sockwell Wm e, 42d regiment, March 16, 1863.
Smith W, 5th regt.
Strickland J A, 40th regt, co G, December 13, 1862.
Thomas Wm B, 42d regt, co D, February 5, 1863.
Williamson Thos E, 56th regt, co E, Jan 30, 1863.


Bleuford J, 4th regt.
Barton B, 3d regt, Co B, may 13, 1863.
Burrows J W. Gitton's regt, Bryon's co, Nov 1862.
Carver C L, 6th regt, co I, August 30, 1862.
Carver J T, 6th regt, co I, Aug 30, 1862.
Fulton Jas, Halladay's cavalry, Dec 17, 1862.
Hope John, 6th regt, co I, Sept 12, 1862.
Harper D, 5th regt, June 23, 1863.
Hayden J A, 5th regt, July 1, 1863.
Havderr T L, 7th regt, Dec 13, 1862.
Jackson James M, 2d regt, co C, Dec 13, 1862.
Riggs W C, 5th regt, co I.
Spears L D, 22d regt, co F, Sept 25, 1862.
Storey M E, 4th cavalry, co E, Dec 19, 1862.
Sanders R N, 6th regt, co D, Oct 5, 1862.
Sillenger R D, 3d regt, Sept 10, 1862.
Trewolla N J, 7th regt, co C.
Wiatt E M, 7th regt, co I, August 3, 1862.
W------ George, 3d regt, co K, March 24, 1862.
-------ett D, 22d regt, co H.


Brown, W, 31st regt, co Iódied June 23, 1863.
Branch* T W, 13th regt, co C, Dec 20, 1862.
Bonden* E, 31st regt, co G, Dec 12, 1862.
Bearden Wm, Lynch's heavy arty, March 12, 1863.
Barister W S, 4th battalion.
Brown Dan'l W. Catahoula Fencibles, 31st regt, died June 28, 1862.
Box J A, 25th regt, co. H.
Birnell* L, 18th regt, co E.
Brown John, 19th regt, co K, June 5, 1863.
Collett J M, Orleans Guards, co D.
Carter Wade, 27th regt, co G, March 12, 1863.
Cast G, 1st regt, co D, July 11, 186-
Clifford J, 20th regt, co G, June 23, 1862.
Corban lieut J C, Catahoula Avengers
Chappell W, --th regt, April 29, 1863.
Colemby* G, 1st artillery, co I, June 16, 1863.
David James, Pointe Coupee militia.
Decaux P, Pointe Coupee bat, Feb 24, 1863.
David A, Pointe Coupee bat, Feb--, 186ó
Dugas Josiah, 18th regt, co D.
Dugas Joseph, 28th regt, company H.
Daudy, R H T, 12th regt, co E, June 1, 1863.
Davis Alfred M, 19th regt, co C, June 20, 1863.
Ellington J R, 25th regt, co B.
Eraus L P.
Fuller W E O, 17th regt, co I.
Griffith sergt John T, 4th batln, killed July 10, 1863.
Grinnell P, Watson's batter, October 5, 1862.
Gibson W, 25th regt, co I.
Gebiern* J Shelby,34th regt, co D, March 3, 1863.
Gentry H, 12th regt, co G.
Gentry Hiram, 17th regt, co I.
Hollow John, 1st regt, co E, February 4, 1863.
Hughes A G, Catahoula Fencibles, ("a good soldier"), Sept 27, 1862.
Harper J R, Catahoula Fencibles, August 22, 1863.
Harris W M, Catahoula Fencibles.
Herron M, 20th regt, co K.
Harvill G W, 12th regt, co C, June 24, 1863.
Holbrook C M, 25th regt, co B.
House Wm, 4th batln, killed July 10, 1863.
Jackson T, Crescent regt.
Lacow C E, 1st regt, January 28, 1863.
Lyle John, 31st regt, co K, March 4, 1863.
Lawson John H, Catahoula Fencibles, Aug 22, 1863.
Lymonds E B, Catahoula Fencibles, June 24, 1863.
Lawley J, Catahoula Fencibles, June 22, 1863.
Morris Lucien, 8th batln, co C, Feb 5, 1863.
Merdwell R, 12th regt, co F, March 4, 1863.
Megason A L, 19th regt, co E, Oct 3, 1862.
McEwley L, 12th regiment, March 11, 1863.
Mares, J A, 17th regiment, May 16, 1862.
Miller Louis 18th regt, co K, June 15, 1862.
Minshew* P L, 19th regt, co E, Oct 3, 1862.
O'Neal J A, Catahoula Fencibles, June 28, 1862.
Papst E C, 31st regt, co E, June 1, 1863.
Price W P, 31st regiment, company d.
Patin* Nune, Orleans Guards, company D.
Pool J P, 1st regiment.
Robicheau A, Pointe Coupee artillery, March 2, 1862.
Rank J, 1st artillery, April 2, 1863.
Reeves J R, Catahoula Fencibles.
Reesor rev W L, Catahoula Fencibles, June 28, 1862.
Scarborough A, 27th regt, co E, Jan 19, 1863.
Sims J W, 31st regiment, February 3, 1863.
Scothorn F W, Catahoula Fencibles, June 28, 1862.
Smith W M, 12th regt, co M, June 1, 1863.
Skinner T H, 19th regt, co C, June 11, 1863.
Snehee* W, 12th regiment, April 1, 1863.
Sullivan M, 16th regt, co H, April 10, 1863.
Turner G H, 1st artillery November 9, 1863.
Trammell G W, 26th regiment, company I.
Valentine L, 31st regiment, August 30, 1862.
Werenphy sergt J, 10th regt, co F, March 27, 1863.
Woods H, 28th regiment, company E.
Weatherby J F, 40th regiment, company A.
Wiggins L, Catahoula Fencibles, June 23, '62.
Westbrook S W, 12th regt, co G, June 6, 63.
Yancey R J, Catahoula Fencibles, Nov--, '62.


Bartlett, W, 1st regtódied Jan 16, 1863.
Brown W R, 1st regt, co B, Jan 27, 1863.
Balire j M, Porter's regt, Dec 23, 1862.
Bird Wm, 7th regt, co A, Dec 5, 1862.
Birdwell John, Dec 8, 1862.
Balridge D, 31st regt, co B.
Chambers John, 5th regt, co F, Jan 30, 1863.
Calvert T C, 6th regt, co B, May 15, 1862.
Cozart J A, 3d battalion, Nov 5, 1862.
Duncan J R, 1st regt, co I, Feb 27, 1863.
Ford G B, 6th regt.
Fitzwilliam Peter, 1st regt, co B, June 10, 1863.
Fagan E B, 1st regt, co D, June 10, 1863.
Hardin Robert C, 3d regt, co A, June 16, 1863.
Ivery A, 1st regt, co F, August 28, 186-.
King Willis, Poindexter's regt, Jan 3, 1863.
Lindsey Hiram, Porter's regt, Jan 3, 1863.
Lamb W H, McCulloch's regt.
Mezner J M, 4th regt, co B, Jan 10, 1863.
McTeeth W H, 40th regt, co C, Jan 16, 186-.
Petty Harvey, -------regt, co C, Dec 13, 1862
Rowe H, 6th regt, co D, Feb 9, 1863.
Robinson* Wm, Dawson's batln, co C, Dec 4, 1862.
Roebeck G W, 1st cavalry, May 30, 1863.
Summers G W, Poindexter's regt, Dec 16, 1862.
Wotson J A, Hunter's regt, June 10, 1863.
York W J, 7th regt, co A, Nov 29, 1862.


Anderson G W, 28th regiment
Abernather S M, 31st regt, co A.
Allen B, 28th reg, co F, January 26, 1863.
Barksdale Wm, brig-gen, killed at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.
Bussing J, gunboat Arkansas.
Burt E R, col 18th regt, mortally wounded at Leesburg.
Booker J W, 33d regt, co E, march 9, 1863.
Beoy E, 31st regt, co D, August 16, 1862.
Boyd Isaac, Garland's cavalry, January 18, 1863.
Ballard H P, 37th regt, co C, January 5, 1863.
Bruten George, Stark's cavalry, January 1, 1863.
Brownlee H M 32d regt, co B, January 2, 1863.
Brown Robert Y, colonel, died October 15, 1866.
Byun B F, 7th batln, co F, December 16, 1862.
Barnes* J W, 6th regt, December 23, 1863.
Barr James, col 10th regt, died at Macon, Ga. of wounds and resection of arm, July 25, 1864.
Crane Joh C, 33d regt, Feb 7, 1863.
Conner E M, 15th regt, co B, May 18, 1863.
Calumby* J U, 4th regt.
Douglas Levi, 33d regt, co I, March 6, 1863.
Dean L D, 26th regt, co I.
Dooley Henry, 23d regt, co C, October 8, 1862.
Erans J, 38th regt, Sel's co, 1862.
Evans James, 37th regt, co E, May 16, 1863.
Fohns* G, 1st regt, co B, March 15, 1863.
Fleming Joe Warren, 31st regt, co G, Feb 25, 1863.
Futrell M P, 33d regt, co E.
Flowers R W, 33d regt, co H, Jan 11, 1863.
Griffith Richard, brig-genl, killed in battles around Richmond, June 29, 1862.
Grayson W H, 14th regt, co H, March 20, 1863.
Gibson J P, 26th regt, company K.
Garrett T J, Wither's artillery, co D.
Garrett E, 24th regt, co K, Dec 14, 1862.
Grizell* Wm C, 4th regt, co F, May 20, 1863.
Groiner C H, 30th regt, co H, June 3, 1863.
Harper L, 6th regt, co H.
Hamilton T, 33d regiment, March 9, 1863.
Hicks W B, 26th regt, co K, Sept 9, 1862.
Holland E F, 38th regt, Nov 15, 1863.
Holcomb J, 31st regt, co A.
Hener* J R, Withers' artillery, Nov 16, 1869,
Hodges E, 28th regt, co H.
Huckaby John, 22nd regt, co K, march 27, 1863.
Holloman Wm, 33d regt, co G, Feb 16, 1863.
Haywood Wlisha, 45th regt, co F, Feb 18, 1866.
Hyde W F, 4th regt, co D, June 24, 1863.
Ivy J J, 26th regt, co G.
Jackson W, 5th regt, co E, May 7, 1863.
Jobe H A, 38th regt, co B, Dec 19, 1862.
Johus A C, Ward's battery, Jan 29, 1863.
Jones* J, 3d regt, co A, June 19, 1863.
King Taylor, 39th regt, co A.
Lollar L L, 31st regt, co B.
Lemly Burton, 18th regt, co K, buried June 30, 1862.
La---- A J, 22nd regt, Feb 5, 1863.
Lane M, 15th regt, co K, June 3, 1863.
Maybern sergt L, co B, Sept 6, 1864.
Moore J W, 14th regt, April 18, 1863.
Martin W K, 1st regt.
Mott Joshua, 28th regt, co K, Oct 20, 1862.
Moore G H, 37th regt.
Milton J B, Lowry's cavalry, co F, July 1, 1864.
Miller Geo W, 14th regt, co I, July 3, 1863.
McGehee W H, 33d regt, co K, May 30, 1864.
Mosley L B, Adam's regt, co G, December 1, 1863.
McQuay lieut P G, 31st regt, co B.
Newman B C, Withers' artillery, co B.
New D A, 31st regt, co A.
Oliver Sam, 31st regt, co D, June 25, 1863.
Owens Setphen, Withers' artillery, Nov 16, 1863.
Phillips col S M, 10 regt, May 1861.
Patrick A J, 10th regt, co A, June 7, 186-.
Petrie Henry, 18th regt, co K, 1862.
Peacock Wright, 35th regt, co B, Feb 13, 1863.
Powers Wm W, 31st regt, co K, September 20, 1862.
Prescott A, 20th regt, co I, Feb 9, 1863.
Parker Jos J, 28th regt, co B, November 10, 1862.
Riggin J M, 22nd regt, co D.
Riggins B C, 4th minute men, September 7, 1862.
Rowell T V, 38th regt, co D.
Ritchey A, 31st regt, co F.
Rayner H H, 6th regt, co B.
Reed John C, 43d regt, co B.
Richardson B C, 3d regt, co V, May 22, 163.
Smith col R A, 10th regt, mortally wounded at Mumsfordville, died Sept 21, 1862.
Simons J M, 27th regt, co C.
Stevenson H, 38th regt, co B.
Shell C P, 33d regt, co K, June 13, 1862.
Smith R Z, 33d regiment, co F, Oct 22, 1862.
Stubbs J O, 33d regiment, co I, June 14, 1863.
Sterling Jas, 20th regiment, co I, June 24, 1863.
Windham N F, Madison artillery, March 16, 1863.
Wright W W, 6th battalion.
White E L, 38th regiment, co D, August 12, 1862.
Wilcox W B, 6th regiment company K.
Wall E P, 14th regiment, April 3, 1863.
Williams J, 6th regiment company K.
Weate A J, 31st regiment, company F, Sept 19, 1862.
Williams J F, 31st regiment, company F.
West S E, 35th regiment, co G, June 21, 1863.
Ware Sedley Lynch, Lieur, Sept 28, 1865.

South Carolina.

Blake corpl W, 18th regtódied June 28, 1863.
Burditt sert S G, 24th regt, co F, June 20, 1863.
Carter Jesse, 26th regt, co G, July 10, 1863.
Cevans John P R, 26th regt, co H, July 2, 1863.
Floyd 2d Lieut J C, 26th regt, co G, July 10, 1863.
Gibson Jas H. 17th regt, co D, June 18, 1863.
Hood D H, 10th regiment company K.
Jacobs L F, 26th regt, co A, June 4, 1863.
Keefe Eli, 26th regt, co C, June 17, 1863.
Long J O, 24th regt, co F, June 16, 1863.
Moore T O, 18th regt, co D, June 28, 1863.
McLain Herman, 26th regt, co C, June 27, 1863.
Moore H F, 24th regt, co H, June 1, 1863.
Sterrard L G, 24th regt, co F, June 7, 1863.
Sellers M C, 26th regt, co F, June 26, 1863.
Wright E D F, ---regiment, company B.


Acott W L, 3d regt, co G.
Brigham R W, 50th regt, co A.
Bowers George, 81st regt, co I, April 26, 1863.
Brakeineld L, 12th regt, co G.
Bond W, 55th regt, co A.
Bond John H, 80th regt, co A, Feb 17, 1863.
Bibb sergt Jacob, 81st regt, co G, April 1, 1863.
Beckett N W, 53d regt, co e, Oct 30, 1862.
Carmichael S, 80th regt, Dec --,-----
Cochran David H, 50th regt, co I, June 5, 1863.
Coates J W, 79th regt, co A, April 20, 1863.
Calvitt Wm G, 3d regt, co B, killed July 11, 1863.
Davis A, 80th regt, Dec 21, 1862.
Dobson A, 80th regt, Jan 19, 1863.
Durham H A, 9th regt, co D, Oct 20, 1862.
Doak J W, 80th regt, co G, June 19, 1863.
Dozier J D, ----regt, Co D, May 12, 1863.
Early W P, Pitts' regiment.
Erwin J B, 19th regt, co F.
Foster W A, 3d cavalry, co C, Nov 9, 1862.
Foster W R, 5th regt, co B.
Gross J H, 51st regt, co A.
Graddy L A, 50th regt, co D.
Gurden J B, 54th regt, March 23, 1863.
Helm J T, 81st regt, Dec 21, 1862.
Hays J D, 5th regt.
Hines J, 9th battalion cavalry, capt. A Kniscom's co, Sept 23, 1862.
Huddleston W J, 30th regt, co A.
Hardin Isaac J, 55th regt.
Holland W J, 3d regt, co F, Oct 30, 1863.
Humphreys B F, 9th regt, co D, Oct 3, 186-.
Hunt J H, 45th regt, co B.
Hull H, 50th regt, co H, June 21, 1863.
Hancock S B, 50th regt, co B, June -, 1863.
Irwin A, 80th regt, co C, Jan 5, 1863.
Ibert* Thos, 19th regt, co C, May 2, 1863.
Junkin S M, 19th regt, co F, August 31, 1862.
Kay E J, 1st regt, co A, October 18, 1862.
Knight J, 9th battalion.
Kohninagan* W D, 3d regt, co E, Nov 21, '62.
Lilly W G, 5th regiment, company G
Lovell J W, 53d regiment, March 14, 1863.
Manning J, 42d regiment, company H.
Maxwell Elijah, Rose's battery.
Mitchell Wayman L, 1st bat, Sept 14, 1862.
Moore T, Rose's artillery, October 10, 1862.
Manning W H, 55th regiment.
McKinney W W, 13th regiment, company L.
Moore W r, 51st regiment, company G.
McWriter J M, 20th regt, co F, Sept 11, 1862.
McLain Wm, 1st regiment.
Nichols W, 8th regiment, April 21, 1863.
O'Brien John, June 13, 1863.
Pullain E T.
Penhouse W P, 3d regiment company B.
Parrott James, 61st regiment, co B, May 13, 1863.
Presley A T, 61st regiment, co B, June 6, 1863.
Prewitt G W, Pitts's regiment, Dec --, ----.
Qurk Martin, 1st artillery, co D, June 30, 1863.
Reese J, 55th regiment.
Riley S W, 19th regt, co I.
Rowe L, 79th regt, April 22, 1863.
Southerland W D, 31st regt, co D, Dec 10, 1862.
Stockton R Y, 26th regt, co A, Oct 6, 1862.
Shaw J W, 50th regt, co D.
Slayden J C, 50th regt, co D.
Stafford J H, 40th regt, co H, June 27, 1863.
Sisler Robert, 62d regt, co G, June 11, 1863.
Shelton J A, 50th regt, co C, May 20, 1863.

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