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19 LA Burials in Georgia

Soem burials of men of the 19 LA in Georgia. These have not been checked against the records, depending entirely on the grave marker.

Austin, W. G. C Myrtle Hill, Rome
Barry, J. B. I Stonewall (Confed.), Griffin (# 216)
Davidson, T. B. - Confed., Oakland Ceme, Atlanta

1840-11 Jun 64; WIA New Hope Church
Domingus, Peter A. H Confed., Rose Hill, Macon (Row 9,

Grave 386)
Goins, James CPL K Confederate, Forsyth d. 28 Aug 64
Hall, Sam L. - Confed., Rose Hill, Macon (Row 8,

Grave 378)
Henderson, Daniel C Stonewall (Conf.), LaGrange (Row 1,

Grave 24)
Henderson, John C Confederate, Forsyth d. 29 Sep 64 Holmes, John E Eatonton City, Eatonton
Peeler, W. R. E Stonewall, LaGrange (Row 8, Gr. 9)
Rhodes, William A. G Soldier's Ceme, Newnman
Smith, Charles B Stonewall, LaGrange (Row 1, Gr 21)
Snast, L. W. H Confederate Section # 1, Linwood Ceme

Columbus (Row 7) Name spelled per

White, W. B. D Stonewall, LaGrange (Row 1, Gr 14)
Williams, Lewis B. F Confederate, Forsyth d. 15 Aug 64
Wilson, A. S. D Confed., Myrtle Hill, Rome
Wilson, W. K Stonewall, Griffin (Grave # 332)