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Nutt's LA Cav Company, Granbury's Brigade

I've always enjoyed looking after information on obscure commands in which their history id hard to trace. If anyone ever wondered what the elements of Nutt's company of Louisiana Cavalry DSMTD was doing attached to Granbury's Brigade in the Army of Tennessee, I have found out. after their capture at Arkansas Post and exchange, they served initially in 1863 as a extra company attached to the 6th/10th/15th Texas Infantry. After the reorganization of Granbury's Texas Brigade L. M. Nutt's Company of cavalry was remounted (i found requisitions for forage &c) armed with Mississippi Rifles and served as independent scouts for Granbury's Brigade and when the army of Tenn went into the Carolinas they reported directly to Joseph E. Johnston and surrendered in NC.

Rich Saathoff