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You might find some luck by contacting the State Archives of the Secretary of State's Office in Baton Rouge (225)922-1000. They might have items that "travel". The Louisiana Military Museum in Ruston is a part of the Secretary of State's museum system, which may be another possible source. For associated curriculum for teachers/students, I believe most state historic sites in the State Parks system have appropriate items that they may wish to share. You might try Mansfield State Historic Site (888)677-6267 as they are close and subject specific.
As to making the month an interactive learning experience, I suggest you contact some of the Civil War reenactors in the area. The students touching the items a soldier carried during the war is usually a hit and some even learn to drill like the soldiers did. Contact me via the private message feature here if you need any contacts near there. I also have some information on the "Stars of Equality", Co. E of the 19th LA. Infantry, CSA, which was raised in Union Parish if you need a more localized slant to your activities.

Let our message board know if you have any luck.

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