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"Battle-Fields of the South"

In reading the Collector's Library of the Civil War (Time-Life) book entitled "Battle-Fields of the South: An English Combatant", it would seem that the author was from Louisiana. Very little information is provided by the auther in respect to which regiment he belonged to. He makes no mention of his town, Parish, regiment, etc. From letters published within this book by his friends, we learn that this author's name is "Tom", but that is all.

So, does any one know who this author is, and which regimen he belonged to? Further, can any information be gathered on which regiments his friends belonged to? I'm guessing he had a friend in the 3rd Louisiana, since he recieved a letter from a friend describing the Battle of Oak Hills (a.k.a. Wilson's Creek). He also had some friend who was at Belmont and then later moved to Island No. 10 and then fought at Shiloh, etc.

Thank you,

Nic Clark

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