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Louisiana engineers relic ID

I am attempting to gain some information for a friend. He writes:

I have a piece (a hand carved pipe) from a Louisiana captain of engineers. It is decorated with the Pelican motif, the soldier’s regimental number, company letter and the initial “AP.” (Not his name initials either. His name was Leon Fremaux.) In an opposite location are the letters “RD” in the same size and prominence as the first two letters. I thought at first “AP” might have meant “Army of the Potomac” as he served in Virginia. (In 1861 the Confederate army was referred to as the Army of the Potomac before the Yanks started using it.) Then I thought maybe AP stood for Ascension Parish where the soldier was from. If so, do you have any ideas on what the “RD” might have stood for?

Could anyone here help to answer his question?

Best regards to all,

Gene Smith