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Louisiana State Flag

Thought someone on this board would like to read this.

DALLAS HERALD, March 13, 1861, p. 1, c. 8

Flag of Louisiana.

We, the people of Louisiana, in Convention assembled, do agree and establish, That the flag of the State of Louisiana, shall consist and bee composed of thirteen horizontal stripes, of the color hereinafter described, and to be disposed in the following order, commencing from the upper line or edge of the flag, to wit:

The first stripe, blue, 2d white; third red; fourth, white, fifth, blue; sixth, white, seventh, red; eighth, white; ninth, blue; tenth, white; eleventh, red; twelfth, white; and the thirteen, or bottom strip blue.

We do further ordain and establish, That there shall be in the upper of chief corner of the flag a square field, and color whereof shall be red; and the sides thereof equal to the width of seven stripes; and that in the center of said field there shall be a star of due and proportionate size, having five points or nags, and that the color of said star shall be a pale yellow.

We do further ordain and establish, That the said flag and no other, shall be the national flag of Louisiana.