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Re: Fournette's Battalion/Archille Berard

Believe this must be your man. You can obtain his service record file through the service noted above.

George Martin

Belzin/Belazin Hebert

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted as a Private (date unknown).
"F" Co. Consolidated 18 Reg't. and Yellow Jacket Batt'n., Louisiana Infantry


Achille Berard

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted as a Captain (date unknown).
"E" Co. LA 10th Battn Infantry


Yellow Jackets Battalion Volunteer Infantry
[also known as 10th Battalion Volunteer Infantry]

Organization: Organized with six companies at St. Martinville on April 7, 1862.
Consolidated with the Confederate (Louisiana) Guards Response Infantry Battalion and designated as the 33rd Infantry Regiment ca. October 10, 1862. This regiment was broken up and the battalions reorganized at Camp Bisland on November 22, 1862. Consolidated into four companies and consolidated with the 18th Infantry Regiment and designated as the 18th Consolidated Infantry Regiment at Simmesport on November 14, 1863.

From Bergeron, LA Confed. Units, 163-64:

"This battalion was organized at St. Martinville on April 7, 1862, with six companies. The battalion entered Camp Pratt near New Iberia on May 23 for drilling and instruction. From June 12 to July 8, the battalion conducted operations along the railroad between Brashear City and New Orleans, including a skirmish near Raceland on June 22. The battalion returned to Camp Pratt, where two more companies joined it. In mid-September, the battalion moved to a camp near Donaldsonville. Three companies participated in an engagement at Koch’s Plantation on September 24. About October 10, the battalion was merged with the 12th [Confederate Guards Response] Louisiana Battalion to form the 33rd Louisiana Regiment. This regiment was broken up on November 22 at Camp Bisland on Bayou Teche, and the battalion resumed its separate identity. The men remained in camp there through the winter and early spring. On April 12 and 13, 1863, the battalion participated in the Battle of Fort Bisland. During the army’s retreat toward Opelousas, most of the men deserted to their homes. Lieutenant Colonel Fournet temporarily mounted the remnants of the battalion, and in late May the men skirmished with the enemy near Franklin. When the army returned to south Louisiana in June, the battalion went into Camp Pratt briefly and then conducted a campaign against Jayhawkers near Hinestown. The men rejoined the army in late July or early August at Vermilionville and were dismounted. During September and October, the battalion marched around south Louisiana as part of General Alfred MOUTON’s infantry brigade. On November 14, at Simmesport, the battalion was reorganized into four companies and merged with the 18th Louisiana Regiment to form the 18th Consolidated Regiment. Many of the men who had deserted the battalion reentered service in early 1864 by joining the 7th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment."

From Bergeron, "Yellow Jackets," 2:

"Fournet's command ultimately received the official designation 10th Louisiana Infantry Battalion, but it was more commonly known by its nickname, the Yellow Jackets Battalion. While it sounds as if the nickname derived from the wasp-like insect known for its vicious sting, that was not the case at all. In a letter written after the war, a former officer of the battalion [MAJ Arthur SIMON] explained, '... It received the name of Yellow Jackets Battalion as most of the men were dressed with home made yellow cottonade suits. ...'"


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