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' North Carolina troops and the
Here's two more articles I found about our favorite rascals. The first one concerns a fight that broke out on a prison train between Louisiana Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels who were captured November 7, 1863, at Rappahannock Station and the latter refers to First Manassas.

[The] Louisiana Tigers had a fight in the cars on
their way to town upon this topic. The
former [N.C.] boldly saying they were heartily
sick of the war and did not wish to be exchanged.
The latter called them poltroons,
and at length the two parties came
to blows.
Burlington Weekly Hawk Eye, Iowa, November 14, 1863.

It is said by Virginians
who have come from the battle-field
that these fiends in human shape have taken
the bayonets and knives of our wounded
and dying soldiers, and thrust them into
their hearts, and left them sticking there :
and that some of the Louisiana Zouaves
have severed the heads of our dead, from
their bodies, and amused themselves bv
kicking them about as footballs.
Weekly Gazette and Free Press, Janesville, Wisconsin, August 2, 1861

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