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La. 2nd calvary, Larry Saurage

I am posting this message in regards to the post below.
My family are descendants of the Saurage family from the White Castle area. The plantation that they opperated was named St. Mary's. The family originated from Marseilles, France. I have more information if you would like.

Re: 2nd La. Cavalry
By:larry saurage
Date: Monday, 29 September 2003, 7:57 pm
In Response To: 2nd La. Cavalry (Jamie Roberts)
I believe that the saurage family had four or five members in the 2nd Louisiana calvary.I would like to know if this is the case and a little about what happened to them.The family was from around White Castle and maybe Donaldsonville and is belived to have opperated a plantation in that area.

I found that a S,Saurage fought at vicksburg with the Louisiana 27th.He was also from the White Castle area.If you have ever heard of them please let me know.


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La. 2nd calvary, Larry Saurage
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