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Some additional information on Moore's Plantation

OR Series 1 - Volume 34 (Part I) 358-9
Report of 2d Brigade, 3rd Division XVI US Army Corps
"May 9- Ordered to the rear and right some 4 miles to protect the approaches to Alexandria between General Mower's forces"

"Mower's Forces" were at Governor Moore's Plantation and consisted of 1st and 3rd Divisions of the XVI Army Corps

See OR's Series I XXXIV Part 1 page 318 for Mower's Report done at Moore's Plantation on May 4, 1864

For CSA Artillery see:
1) Barr, Alwyn. “Confederate Artillery in Western Louisiana, 1864” Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association V No. 1 (Winter 1964), 53-73.

2) Brent, Joseph L. “Operations of the Artillery of the Army of Western Louisiana, After the Battle of Pleasant Hill” Southern Historical Society Papers IX No. 6 (June 1881), 257-264.

Finally who burned the buildings?- Union Troops on May 4, 1864

Letter written May 9, 1864 by Brig. Gen. Hamilton Bee to Lieut. Col. Francis R Lubbock, Assistant Adjutant Wharton's Cavalry Corps

Page 10
"about 530 o'clock the order to charge was given with a shout-the men moved forward-Likens' and Terrell's regiments leading-the enemy falling back in much confusion, (and) setting fire to several buildings –"

The aforementioned letter is held in the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas in Austin in their Hamilton P. Bee collection.

You may notice Likens' and Terrell's CSA cavalry regiments fighting on foot vs two Federal Divisions and causing their retreat in confusion. This led to General Order No.1, to commend the officers and men of these regiments which appeared in Vol XXX No. 55 Houston Daily Telegraph Friday, May 27 1864. Page 1. and other newspapers throughout the Trans-Mississippi to " the example of those men should excite the emulation of the Army to renewed efforts to drive from the land the enemy who now attends to waste by fire a country he has been unable to conquer by the sword."

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