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9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

July 6 Sworn in to Confederate service at Camp Moore, Louisiana under
Colonel Richard Taylor, Lt. Colonel Edward G. Randolph and Major
N.J. Walker. Four companies were sworn in for 12 months and six
companies for the duration of the war.
July The regiment was ordered to the Eastern Theater
July 21 Arrived at Manassas too late to be engaged in the battle.


"Richard Taylor, son of the late President Taylor, has been elected Colonel of the Ninth Regiment of Louisiana; Capt. N. J. Walker, Lieut. Colonel; and Capt. Randolph, Major. Both of these latter gentlemen were Captains in the Mexican war, and Maj. Walker was with Gen. Scott in Florida. A portion of the regiment was to leave New Orleans on Monday last** for Virginia."
**July 8

The Daily Dispatch, 11 July, 1861 - Louisiana Ninth


"At every halt of the wretched engine, said Taylor, the noise of the battle grew more and more intense, as did our impatience. At dusk on July 21 the weary engine wheezed into Manassas Junction. The 9th Louisiana Regiment had missed the Battle of Manassas."

Nine men in grey, by Charles L Dufour

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