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My apologies, but I am not familiar with the terminology; "back porch on the campaign?"

As for, "particular battles during the campaign?" I do not recall a book specific to any one battle, but all books cover the entire campaign, some in more detail than others. Some get more into the politics of the region than others. The Red River Campaign was complicated because of the politics involved as well as the money that could be made by confiscating (stealing) all the cotton stacked along the banks of the Red River. Also, the Red River Campaign was a three prong attack aimed at Shreveport. Gen Bank's army of 30,000 in Louisiana, Gen Steele's army of 12,000 in Arkansas, and Adm Porter's river navy of almost 100 vessels including ironclads. In addition to the books you identified, the books listed below all cover the campaign:

"The Red River Campaign" by Gary Joiner - This book has good maps and side bars with short biography of each of the major players. This book also covers the Arkansas part of the Red River Campaign or sometimes called the Camden Campaign which resulted in the Battle of Jenkin's Ferry.

"War Along The Bayous" by William Brooksher - This book has a more detail about the skirmishes and battles of the Red River Campaign in Louisiana. My opinion is this book provides the best detail regarding the Union Cavalry involvement. It does not cover the Camden Campaign.

"One Damn Blunder From Beginning To End" by Gary Joiner - This book not only covers the army's part in the battle, but also Admiral Porter's navy on the Red River.

"Dark and Bloody Ground" by Thomas Ayres - This book is almost a biography of General Taylor starting before the war, his service under Jackson in the Virginia Valley Campaign, and his command in Louisiana.

"The Red River Campaign And Its Toll" by Henry Robertson - This book goes into a lot of depth on the politics in Louisiana and the Red River Campaign. It also covers the battles, but not in great detail.

"The Civil War Volume III, Red River to Appomattox" by Shelby Foote - Chapter 1 is 145 pages which covers the Red River Campaign.

Don Frazier's third book of his trilogy is supposed to be about the Red River Campaign, but I don't think it has been published, yet. I may be wrong.

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