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articles and books on the CW in Louisiana

I am in close touch with two publications, north and south magazine which is back in business; and with the emerging Civil War series which is headquartered in Fredericksburg Virginia.

Both publications are looking for articles. I have helped north and south by putting the owner in touch with roughly 20 authors.

north and south will publish articles on just about any campaign or battle in the Civil War. I don’t think the magazine has ever written articles published articles about the various campaigns in Missouri, which is my area of interest and expertise. The magazine did publish a couple of articles about the battle of independence in 1862 and I think the battle of lone Jack in 1862.

I would like to see the magazine publish an article on the Camden expedition, particularly the battle of Jenkins ferry. But I think an article on the 1862 attempt to capture Little Rock would make a great article. So would the operations around Helena in 1862.

There are plenty of other states where they were campaigns and battles that north and south would probably love to tackle.

Can people suggest topics and authors to me. If you suggest an author, can you help me get in touch with the author?

Currently, the emerging Civil War is mostly writing about battles in Virginia, but there’s no reason it couldn’t write publish articles about battles in other states.

I’m not sure if you have seen the way the layout of the typical emerging Civil War book. A good part of the book consists of a walking tour of the Battlefield. I think this is very valuable and would be good for tourism and also would be a good way for people to understand various battles.

Again, I’m looking for authors and topics.

I’d like to see each of you state who you think should be an author for these publications and Everyone pitch in with their opinions on authors and battles.