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Re: 3rd Louisian Infantry Images

Hello Allen :

Sorry to be so long in getting back to you !

No, I don't have access to the calendar image you cite.
I would love to have same. Feel free to e-mail me directly,
of course, at your liesure.

Wm. W. Gandy did not survive the war. He is buried at
Soldier's Rest in Vicksburg.

I have not yet made a 100% link to W. W. Gandy, but believe
him to be a half-brother to my GG-GF Daniel Pedras Gandy.

D. P. Gandy was in Co. B, 17th LA Infantry, and also fought
at Vicksburg.

Another brother, Harvey M. Gandy, fought in the 44th AL, but was not at Vicksburg. He fought with Jackson & Lee.

We also have a parole record from Vicksburg for a cousin in the 20th AL linking him to the battle there. But, after that, he just disappeared. Must have fallen somewhere else.

Thanks in advance ................. Rocky Wright

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