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4th LA. Battn. Matrimonial Poetry

Found this interesting note from a member of the 4th LA. Battn. Inf. searching some newspapers.

NATCHEZ DAILY COURIER, July 3, 1862, p. 1, c. 5

We are not committed to publish all the correspondence of the Natchez matrimonial Society, but the following falling unexpectedly into our hands, and its peculiar interest, has induced us to give it publicity. Our feathers are gone with fair "Desdemona," the accomplished President; when the juveniles make such strong petitions and write such remarkable poetry--and from a brave soldier-boy, too!--what chance have we for the private secretaryship?
Savannah, June 20th, 1862.
To the President and Members of the Young Ladies Matrimonial Society, Natchez, Miss:

You will hereby please accept this petition, requesting you to reconsider the matter about offers not be accepted from juveniles, (those under thirty-five.) As I am one of the number, I apply for redress.

Address, Byron, Co. E, 4th La. Bat.
Hans' Wish.
I vants to marry, yes I does,
I vants a little vife,
To vash my neck and come my 'air,
And be my all, my life.
Ven Adam lived in Paradise
He didn't live content,
Till from his side a ribe vos took
And into woman bent.
Just think, how Adam must have stared
Ven first he got a wake,
And found himself a married man
Vithout e'en vedding cake.
I vish that I could do the same--
Just go to bed some night
And vake up in the morning, vith
A vife to bless my sight.
I'm werry bashful, yes I am,
'Twould save me lots of trouble,
To go to bed a single man
And vake up as a double.