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I am wondering, is this property in Missouri? If it is, you probably know that Grant tried farming some of his father in laws land west of St. Louis. He was not a very successful farmer. HE said that the deed was dated 1862. The Grants were living in Galena, IL. starting in April of 61. He came to Springfield (Illinois) shortly after that to work for the State Militia. On May 15, 61 he swore the 21st Illinois Infantry in to state service. On June 28 of 61 he assumed command of the regiment as their Colonel. He was in St. Louis on August 7 of 61. That is when he recieved word that he had been promoted to Birgadier General and was ordered to Cairo to assume command of the troops in that area. In February of 62 he was in charge of the attack on Ft. Donelson. By April of 62 he was at Pittsburg landing on his way eventually to Vicksburg. By 10 of 62 he was at Vickburg.
I can't really speak with any autority, but I am not aware of any property that Grant might have owned until after the war. Could be wrong tho.
I should think that you could find out who the woners were of the property from the State of Missouri or from the Recorder of Deeds for the county that the property is located in. I don't know how Missouri does it but up here in Illinois where I am the Secretary of State Department of Archives would have that information. I once had to go to our local Recorder of Deeds office for info similar to this and I think it cost me $15.00 to get a copy of the records I needed. Hope this helps you.

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