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Thanks for all of this information. I am getting a much better picture of the events. I have been using the National Park Services database to try to get an idea of where the members of the Cass County Home guard went when they were disbanded. Matching names does not prove anything since names can be shared by several people, especially common names, and they are often mispelled. So far, however, it looks like about a hundred went to the 2nd Battalion, Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and less then fifty to the 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Here is what the National Park Service's Soldiers and Sailors System says about these units:



Cass County Home Guard, Missouri Cavalry

Organized in Cass County June-August, 1861, for duty in Cass and adjoining Counties and to protect bridges. Skirmish at Parkersville, Mo., July 17-19, 1861; Harrisonville July 27; Jonesborough August 21-22; Old Randolph September 14; Bush Bridge Road October 14; Butler November 20; Grand River November 30; Dayton December 23; Wadesburg December 24. Mustered out February 28, 1862.

Lost during service 1 Officer and 5 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 10 Enlisted men by disease. Total 16.


2nd Battalion, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Organized at Harrisville and Kansas City, Mo., March 17 to May 5, 1862. Attached to District of Central Missouri, Dept. of Missouri.

Scout to Little Manqua, near Quincy, and skirmish April, 1862. Scout to Monticello, Vernon County, and to Shiloh Camp, on Boyle's Run, April 9-16. Pink Hill April 11. Montevallo April 14. Near Independence May 15-17. Surrender of Independence August 11 (Detachment). Action at Lone Jack August 16. At Lexington and in District of Central Missouri till March, 1863. Grand Prairie October 24. Expedition into Southeast Missouri and North Arkansas November 8-13. Affairs in Jackson and Lafayette Counties November 26-29. Mustered out March 31, 1863.

Battalion lost during service 3 Officers and 48 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 109 Enlisted men by disease. Total 161.


7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Organized at large in Missouri March and April, 1862. Served unattached, Dept. of Missouri, to September, 1862. District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to October, 1862. Unattached, Army of the Frontier, Dept. of Missouri, to June, 1863. District Central Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to July, 1865.

SERVICE.-Post Oak Creek, near mouth of Briar, March 26, 1862. Warrensburg April 8. Warrensburg May 17 (Co. "G"). Pursuit of Poindexter August 8-15 (Detachment). Independence August 12. Scout from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to Independence August 12-14. Expedition to Hickory Grove August 17-27 (1 Co.). Fayetteville, Ark., October 24. Scout from Linden to White River April 1-5, 1863 (Co. "G"). White River April 17. Scout from Newtonia to French Point and Centre Creek May 13-18 (Detachment). French Point May 15 (Detachment). Carthage May 16 (Detachment). Hartsville May 23. Mountain Store May 26. Carthage June 27-28. Scout from Sedalia August 25-28 (Detachment). Clear Fork August 26 (Detachment). Near Syracuse October 25 (Co. "H"). Warsaw October 7. Near Camp Cole October 9. LaMine Bridge October 10. Booneville October 11-12. Merrill's Crossing and Dug Ford, near Jonesborough, October 12. Blackwater October 12. Marshall, Arrow Rock, Blackwater, October 13. Jonesborough October 14. Warrensburg May 28, 1864. Near Dunksburg June 27-28 (Co. "K"). Wellington July 8. Operations near Wellington July 9-13. Warder's Church July 10 (Detachment). Columbia July 12 (Detachment). Johnson County July 16. Clear Fork, near Warrensburg, July 16 (Detachment). Scout in Johnson County July 26-31 (Detachment). Blackwater River July 27 (Co. "G"). Big Creek July 28 (Co. "C"). Expedition from Warrensburg to Chapel Hill July 29-August 2 (Co. "K"). Near Chapel Hill July 30 (Co. "K"). Operations near Holden August 2-8. Merrick's Creek, near Holden, August 8 (Co. "K"). Operations in Johnson County August 11-19 (Detachment). Near Holden August 12 (Detachment). Scout from Crisp's Mills on Big Creek August 25-30 (Co. "M"). Near Rose Hill August 26 (Co. "M"). Near Lone Jack September 1 (Detachment). Operations in Johnson County September 1-9 (Detachment). Expedition from Sedalia to Scott's Ford on Blackwater September 2-4. Scout in Lafayette County September 20-25 (Detachment). Arrow Rock Road September 23 (Detachment). Prince's Shoals, Osage River, Cole County, October 5-6. Near Jefferson City October 8. California and Booneville October 9. Near Booneville October 11-12. Sedalia October 15. Little Blue October 21. Independence, Big Blue and State Line October 22. Westport October 23. Engagement at the Marmiton or Battle of Charlot Octobcr 25. Mine Creek, Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, October 25. Scout from Warrensburg to Greenton Valley November 29-December 3 (Detachment). Scout from Camp Grover to Texas Prairie January 12-15, 1865 (Detachment). Scout from Warrensburg to Miami January 12-17 (Co. "I"). Scout from Warrensburg to Snibar Hills January 18-22 (Detachment). Scout from Warrensburg to Tabo Creek, etc., February 1-5 (Detachment). Scout in Lafayette County February 3-8. Scout from Warrensburg to Columbus and skirmish near Greenton March 19-23 (Detachment). Near Booneville May 3. Duty in Central District of Missouri till July. Mustered out July 11, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 4 Officers and 56 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 6 Officers and 152 Enlisted men by disease. Total 218.


I supsect that "Harrisville" is just a typo, and should be "Harrisonville."

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