The Missouri in the Civil War Message Board


Andy, In 1860 Lafe (age 15)lived in Warsaw, MO with his widowed
mother and three small sisters. He had relatives in
Cole Camp, Tipton and Pilot Grove right in the midst
of the recruiting. I am sure his mother could not have
spared him any sooner.
I have had some prior success tracking units because
I am retired, a little eccentric, a lot obsessive and
own the 4 volumes of Battles and Leaders. (lol) I did
find the referenced 23rd Corps (at Nashville) but with
out the longed for 4th Division. Such a short term
unit is going to be "under" the radar except for some
one such as yourself with a personal interest.
I surely thank you for taking your time to respond to
my plaintive cry, I have been haunting the web site
since early day. It is much appreciated.