The Missouri in the Civil War Message Board

Current Research

I recently read Paul Petersen's "Quantrill of Missouri" and Richard
Cordley's "History of Lawrence." A few years ago I read Leslie's "The
Devil Knows How to Ride", and a couple of days ago I ordered a copy of it
from our local library. I know there are several older books that I
might take the time to look up. Quantrill is not my main interest in the
Kansas/Missouri War. Currently I am doing some research on the Cass
County Home Guard (USA), the 2nd Battalion State Militia Cavalry (USA),
and the 9th Kansas Cavalry. I am also reviewing research I did years
ago on the 8th Battalion Infantry (CSA) and the 9th Regiment Infantry
(CSA). Quantrill's Partisan Rangers (CSA) are in the background. I set
up a Yahoo Group for folks who want to discuss these units, or Cass and
Douglas County in the K/M War.