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"Blind Email" Turned Off Due To SPAM

Hi folks,

I've had to turn off the "Blind Email" feature that allows others to send you an email, but does not reveal your email address. I am getting far too many complaints from contributors to these websites that are being bombarded with SPAM. I can't tell, at this point, if this is a very small number of people or if everyone is receiving SPAM. If you have received SPAM or other solicitations through the Blind Email function, please tell me at .

I'm sorry if you have received SPAM through this site and hope that the measures I'm taking will stop the problem. I'm also testing a new version of the WebBBS software that runs these message boards, which claims to offer even further security against robot or automated spamming.

I will try to get the Blind Email function working again. In the meantime, if you wish to contact another poster and don't have their email address, send your email to me at and I'll forward it.

With best regards,

Jim Martin