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Ft Scott KS Civil War Encampment

From the March 08 Ft Scott Newsletter...

Ft Scott March Newsletter
Volume XXII -- March 2008 -- Number 2

By Galen R. Ewing

Our annual Civil War Encampment will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 12 and 13. The Holmes Brigade, 4th Missouri Cavalry, Ladies Union Aid Society, US Sanitary Commission, and NWAHEA will be here providing Living History and Historic Weapon's

Saturday, April 12

9 a.m. Colors Posted

10 a.m. Cavalry Drill

11 a.m. Infantry Drill

11:30 a.m. Artillery Drill

12 p.m. Medical Program

1 p.m. Civil War
Widows/Mourning Customs

2 p.m. - Military Tactical

3 p.m. Petticoat Spies: Trans-Mississippi CW Women Espionage Agents

4 p.m. Flag Retreat

6:30 p.m. Special Evening Program - TBA

Sunday, April 13
9 a.m. Colors Posted

10 a.m. Salt Pork and
Hardtack: Feeding the
Trans-Mississippi Army

11 a.m. Church Service

12 p.m. Artillery Drill

1 p.m. Cavalry Drill

2 p.m. Infantry Drill

3 p.m. Artillery Drill