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Father was Jeptha Sumpter (b abt 1806 Virginia, physician) he is found in the 1950 Reynolds county census. Not far from a George and Urban/Erbin Sumpter. Urban has quite a file in the Provost Marshall records apparently being caught trying to play both sides against the middle.

Caleb Sumpter served in the confederancy. According to affidavit's attached to Joseph L. Baze's civil war pension file, Sumpter never returned from going to war, and is to have died sometime between 1863-1866. A Mary Ann Burk testified in Dec 1902 that she last saw Calip Sumpter, the former husband of Lucinda Burk Baze, in 1864 when he went off to War. In the year 1867 Ms. Burk was told by a Benjamin Smalley that Sumpter had died sometime near the end of the war. Smalley gave Ms. Burk a pocket knife and pocket book which he said belonged to Sumpter during his life. She further indicated Sumpter served in the Southern Confederate Army, but she did not know his regiment or company. The affiant, Mary Ann Burk, was 72 years of age at the time she gave testimony and lived in Montague, Montague Co., TX

Names of parents were listed on the death certificate for James William Sumpter born Sept. 30, 1867 Missouri are Caleb and Lucinda Burk. James William lived the majority of his life in Montague TX dying in Stillwater Oklamoma in 1955. This would indicate that Caleb/Calep/Calip Sumpter survived the war per se. There is a W. B. Smalley associated with the 3rd Missouri Cavalry which fought in the region until mid 1865 before being disbanded in Arkansas. The question arises as to the circumstances of Caleb's death being more reconstruction related vs combat related.

Census: 1850 US Census, Reynold County, MO., District NO 76
Missouri Marriages list Calep Sumpter and Lucinda Burk as being married on 7 August 1860 in Barry County Missouri.

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