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Here is some additional information which may provide the information you seek.

George Martin

1st Regiment, Iowa Infantry (3 months, 1861)

Organized at Keokuk for three months and mustered in May 14, 1861. Left State for Missouri June 13. Moved from Macon City to Renick and Booneville June 15-21. Lyons' advance on Springfield, Mo., June-July. Expedition to Forsyth July 20-25. Action at Forsyth July 22. Dug Springs August 2. Battle of Wilson's Creek August 10. Retreat to Springfield, thence to Rolla. Mustered out August 20, 1861.

Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 19 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded, and 8 Enlisted men by disease. Total 28.

1st Iowa Infantry, "The Lyon Campaign in Missouri, being a History of the First Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment," by Captain Eugene Fitch Ware. Originally published in 1907 at Topeka, Kansas, this book reflects the causes leading up to its organization and how it earned the thanks of Congress, together with a Birdseye view of the conditions in Iowa preceding the Civil War. Based on his diary, Ware's book takes the regiment (nicknamed the Iowa Greyhounds) from its muster in, through its forced marches across the state of Missouri, to its ultimate test at Wilson's Creek. He also gives us a humorous, detailed look at pre-war life in the rough-and-tumble Mississippi River town of Burlington, Iowa. Ware went on to become a Sergeant Major and finally Captain in the 7th Iowa Cavalry. 377 pages, 1991 reprint, []

Operations In Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, And The Indian Territory.(*) May 10-November 19, 1861.

July 3, 1861. -- The Western Department constituted.

4, 1861. -- Skirmish at Farmington, Mo.

5, 1861. -- Engagement near Carthage, Mo., embracing actions at Dry Fork Creek and Brier Fork.

Capture of Union troops at Neosho, Mo.

9-11, 1861. -- Skirmishes at and near Monroe Station, Mo.

United States Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Pa

15 Jan 02

Unit Bibliography
1st Iowa Infantry Regiment

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Wilkie, Franc B. Pen and Powder. Boston: Ticknor, 1888. 383 p. E601W69. 1st Iowa Infantry (p.2)

Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Burmeister, George C. - CWMiscColl (Capt's diary, Jan 1, 1861-May 17, 1864)

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