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Try the Gerdes site in Arkansas just as you open the site as it lists most men who served
from Arkansas and a few from Missouri.
I found two different listings with one being for a Kise, and another for a Kissee.
One man and unit was Missouri and one was Arkansas Cav.
These were the ones from Arkansas:
KISE, FREDERICK 1LT 10 May 1862 Sebastian Co, AR- 26
KISSE, ELI H. PVT 23 Jun 1862 Madison Co, AR- 19
KISSE, THOMAS PVT 5 Jun 1864 Fayetteville, AR- 45- Killed 5 Nov 1864 Fayetteville, AR
Your best bet is to post your information in Arkansas and say, "Attention Bryan" and hope he answers.
There is probably a grain of truth to it all. You just have to dig to get there and be ready to be
flexible about what you find.
Good luck.

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