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I found these two Confederate soldiers who very well may be the same.

You may procure these service records files at:

George Martin

John R. Thompson, Lieutenant, Greens Regiment, Missouri State Guards was captured in Boone county, Missouri May 20, 1862 and transferred to the Military Prison, Alton, Illinois, 2nd Sergeant/Private? exchanged November 22,1862, received near Vicksburg December 8, 1862,

Green's Regiment, Missouri State Guards, (Col. Martin Green) later commanded by Col. J. C. Porter, Porter afterwards commanded 1st N. E. Missouri Cavalry

John R. Thompson

Enlisted as a Private
"B" Co. MO 7th Cavalry

John R. Thompson, Private, Company B, Kitchen's Regiment Ark Cav, [records found in 7th Missouri Cavalry] captured at Lexington, Kentucky October 18, 1864, was transferred from the U. S. A. Hospital, Fort Leavenworth where he served as a Nurse, to Post Hospital November 14, 1864, arrived POW camp at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana December 18, 1864, died March 18, 1865, [there are a couple of affidavits of other POWs in his file stating he was a guerilla]

7th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

7th Cavalry Regiment [also called 10th Regiment] was organized on July 9, 1863, using Kitchen's Missouri Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. The unit was assigned to C. Greene's, Marmaduke's, and J.B. Clark's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. It was active in Marmaduke's operations in Missouri, skirmished in Arkansas, then was part of Price's Missouri Expedition. It lost 1 killed, 9 wounded, and 2 missing with Marmaduke and 13 killed, 39 wounded, and 69 missing with Price. However, 13 officers and 252 men deserted on October 25, 1864. The regiment was included in the surrender in June, 1865. Its commanders were Colonel Solomon G. Kitchen, Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Ellison, and Major James A. Walker.
Associated unit:

Kitchen's Cavalry Battalion was organized in April, 1863, in Greene County, Arkansas, with eight companies. The unit served in General Shelby's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department, and was active in Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri and the attack at Helena. It lost 2 killed and 2 wounded with Marmaduke, and on July 9, 1863, it merged with the 7th Missouri Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Solomon G. Kitchen was in command.

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