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I will have to check out the Sunderwith book. It will be interesting to see how Osceola is dealt with in the new Lane books by Benedict and Mann. I wonder if either of them will include Bingham's quote:

"I may indeed yet be compelled, should I be spared to continue these illustrations, so well calculated to instruct the fiture, to represent thieves, robbers and murderers, not only in the costume which marks the ranks of the Federal army, but in those more imposing habiliments which distinguish its officers of the highest grade. In no other way will it be in my power to do justice to that memorable reign of Roguery, to which was subjected the fairest city of our Sunny South, and whose chief, while luxuriating in the uniform of a Major-General of the Federal army, felt no scruples in forcing the vaults and helping himself to the gold of honest bankers, or in despoiling honest housewives of their jewelry, silver-plate and spoons, in quantities sufficient to stock the most extensive establishment of a dealer in such articles."

I wish Bingham had indeed felt compelled to continue his illustrations, and that posterity had been left with a Bingham painting of Osceola (assuming that is the "fairest city" he referred to).

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