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Pvt John Sturdy, Burns' 8th Mo Inf, Co G, Barry Co

Info req'd per posting instructions:

Full Name: John S. Sturdy
Rank, if known: Pvt.
Confederate or Union? CSA
The unit(s) of which he was a member. Include ordinal (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 35th, 36th). Co. G, 8th Inf Regt ( Burns), and then Mitchell’s Regiment
Date of Birth 1832 to 1833
Place of Birth Tennessee
The State and County where he lived in 1860 and/or before: Barry County, MO
The State and County where he lived after 1865. Grayson County, TX
Date of Death: Feb 27th, 1869; murdered from ambush, Grayson County, TX (Lee-Peacock War?)
Did he or his wife apply for a pension. Yes.
If so, provide all the details of the pension(s) possible?

Name of Applicant: Sarah M. Sturdy, Collin County, TX Postoffice: Sunbeam
Comptrollers file No.: 6680
Approved March 6, 1900
What is your name? S. M. Sturdy
Age? 64 years 9th Nov 1899
County Resides in? Collin
How many years? 34
Post office? My PO now is Sunbeam
Ever applied before? No
Occupation? Not able
Physical Condition? Very Feeble
Name of deceased husband? John Sturdy
Married? 27th day of February 1851 in Barry County, MO
Date of death? Feb 27th, 1869
Are you unmarried, and have you remained unmarried since the death of your said husband? Yes
Company & Regiment your husband served? Co. G, 8th Regiment Missouri Infantry – he served 4 years.
Ever received pension or Confederate Veteran Land Donation? No
What real or personal property do you own? I own no property of any kind.
What Property & Value have you conveyed in two years prior to this application? None
What income do you receive? None
Are you in indigent circumstances, Are you unable by labor to earn support? Yes
Did your deceased husband ever desert the Confederacy? No
Have you been continuously since the first day of March 1880, a bonafide resident of this State? Yes
Sworn by S.M. Sturdy, Aug 25th 1899
Judge J.H. Faulkner, County Judge, Collin County, TX
Witnesses: W.R. Todd and Mrs. V.A. Hileman, October 5th 1899, that they personally knew SM Sturdy and the truthfulness of her statements.

Were his father, brothers, cousins, etc. in a Civil War unit(s) and which one(s)? John and three of his brothers, Marion, Ferril, and James, joined Burns’ 8th MO Inf Rgt, Co G, in Sept 1862. In July, 1863, Ferril and James joined the 4th MO Cav; and in Dec 1863 Marion and John transferred to Mitchell’s Regiment.

Around 1863 John’s wife and children moved to Grayson County, TX, where he joined them after the war. As stated above he died on Feb 26th 1869 (according to census application), or Feb 26th 1870 (Texas Mortality Schedule); after being shot from ambush in Sherman, Grayson County, TX. There is a possibility that his death was connected to the Lee-Peacock War then in progress in this area between Southern sympathizers and reconstructionists.

Question: I would like to learn more about the service records of John and his brothers.

Thanks for your help,


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