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Capt. Dick Yager burial

I have posted several quries asking where Dick Yager was buried. Nancy Hitt wrote an article which was put at and part of it follows:

In 2007, no one had been successful in locating the gravesite for Richard Yager, but with good fortune I was led to that final gravesite, likely his third. We do not know for sure where he was originally buried, but in 1871 his body was removed to Confederate/Self Cemetary in Kansas City at 71st and Troost Street.

By 1893, all the soldiers buried at the Confederate Cemetary had been moved just across the street into Forest Hills Cemetary at 72nd/Gregory Street and Troost Street, including 75 unknown Confederates who had died defending Westport, Missouri.

This data was detailed in an old D.A.R. book containing a list of cemetaries, which treatise is entitled Vital Historical Records of Jackson County, Missouri 1826-1876, by the Kansas City Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. It only lists four actual names of soldiers buried in 1871 at the Confederate Soldiers' Cemetary. These four names were: Upton Hays who had a marker at Forest Hills, Richard Yeager, William McGuire and Officer Jones from Arkansas. After this discovery, I placed an order for two V.A. markers, one for Yeager and one for McGuire. It is documented that Hays, Yeager and McGuire all rode with Quantrill. Additional research is needed to determine more about Officer Jones so that a V.A. marker can be placed at Forest Hills in his memory.

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