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Going at it a bit backwards,

Moses L James, is listed as a Major associated with the independent company known as James Battalion 6 Month militia. I think this unit is also known as the Kingston Independent Company or perhaps it became the James Battalion after Murphy's Shoal Creek Rangers combined with the Kingston Independent Company. At any rate Missouri SOS list 163 members of this "Battalion".'%20Battalion%20Six%20Months%20Militia&selConflict=Civil%20War&offset=75

The Murphy boys were in Company C of said battalion with rank associated by age.

George W. age 26 was Captain of Co C.
James M. age 22 was 1st Sargent of Co C.
Jeremiah G. age 16 was a private in Co C.

All three were enrolled and mustered at Cameron MO on Oct 2nd 1861. All three were susequently transfered to Col. Edwin C. Catherwood's 6th (the card says 1st but I beleive Col Catherwood commanded the 6th, someone please correct if I'm wrong because as I've said before, I'm not a "unit" guy!) Cavalry Regt, Missouri State Militia on February 28th 1862. They apparently had 30 days leave as Company E mustered in at Cameron MO on March 30 1862 for the duration of the war. Capt GW Murphy became Captain of Company E of said 6th Cav MSM. James M Murphy is on the post war discharge enrollment muster as being 27 light hair, gray eyes, fair complexioned, single farmer from Davis Township with the rank of private, however his service card lists him as being 2nd Lt. Company E. so perhaps Jeremiah and James got confused in the post war enrollment record.
Note on service card entry says he is buried Riverview Cemetery, Denver Colorado.

Catherwood's boys were an active bunch during the war and had a number of conflicts with guerillas in NW Missouri and during Price's 1864 raid, others on the board are much more able to discuss the unit actions than I. (Hint to Terry Justice maybe?)

All 3 of the above Murphy boys were the sons of Samuel and Nancey Murphy located in Davis Twsp, Caldwell county Missouri in the 1860 census. All were born in Illinois and apprently the Murphey family moved to Caldwell County after 1853 from Illinois. 1910 Census does confirm that james M Murphy was in Denver Co at the time and he was born Madison Co. Ill. The 1850 census finds the Murphy family above in Madison Co. Illinois.

John R

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