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9 th missouri infantry-confederate

Alexander ( Alex ) Crawford Pressley-may also be spelled Presley i found that he may have served in the 9 th Missouri infantry-Confederate-Company K-in as private-out as Corporal-Film number M380 ROLL 12-FOUND HIM UNDER ALEY AT FIRST AND THEN WENT TO ROLL OF COMPANYS AND STATES ALEX-born Anson City North Carolina-Feb 1832-Died Thayer Oragon City Missouri- 1901-buied at Shiloh cematary Thayer Missouri-there records indicate born 1833-1901Please send all info on my Great Great uncle brother to Milas P Pressley that you reserach for me before Also any regiment history-Im member of Camp 458 SCV Portland .Didnt know that i had another on confederate side.trying to confirm which one is my ggg uncle.Also Howell county Missouri Thanks for any help