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CW Flag Exhibit at Jeff City

I recently visited the Civil War flag exhibit at Jefferson City and to let everyone know a little more about it:

Press Release: "This exhibit features Civil War flags from the Missouri State Museum’s collection. Many of these flags have not been on display since before 1920. The exhibit includes more than 125 Civil War flags, both Union and Confederate. Presented in the Elizabeth Rozier Gallery, inside the Union Hotel at Jefferson Landing State Historic Site." June 3-Nov. 28, 2009 Tue.-Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

The flags actually on display:

* 5th Regiment Infantry Missouri Volunteers (USA)
* 1st Regiment Light Artillery Missouri Volunteers Battery L (USA)
* Unidentified Union Regimental Battle Flag (USA)
* 2nd Regiment Light Artillery Missouri Volunteers Battery A (USA)
* 7th Regiment Infantry Missouri Volunteers “The Irish Regiment” (USA)
* 1st Regiment Infantry Missouri State Militia (USA)
* 1st Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers (USA)
* 2nd and 6th Regiment Missouri Volunteers (CSA)
* 15th Regiment Infantry Missouri Volunteers (USA)
* Personal Flag of General Marmaduke (CSA)
* First Confederate National Flag (CSA)

While non-flash photography was allowed, the extremely reflective glass covering the flags made for poor images. If anyone wants to know what any of the flags looked like, I will try my best to describe.

The Missouri State Museum at the Capitol has a wing with a myriad of items related to the Civil War era and are currently working on revamping the displays to prepare for the Sesquicentennial – with many hands-on items for children. I do not know when they will be in-place. The Lyon Regiment flag was on display here. The Missouri State Museum “has a long-term project to conserve more than 125 Civil War flags in the museum's collection. To date, 40 flags have been conserved, and 16 have been framed for exhibition. As additional flags are conserved, they will be exhibited on a rotating basis. The Missouri State Museum plans to have at least one Civil War flag on display in the museum until the Civil War sesquicentennial in 2011, when the flags will be a central part of the museum's interpretation of the Civil War from 2011-2015.”

I have not had a chance to visit the Museum of Missouri Military History at Jefferson City as it is closed on weekends. (M-F: 8:30 AM – 3 PM)

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