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John Wesley Clanton, Gurley's TX 30th Cav

John Wesley Clanton, of the Clanton Gang of OK Corral Gunfight fame, lived MO, TX, AZ, CA; Gurley's 30th TX Cavalry. from
Please help identify the “Capt. Clanton, Clauton” who was leading 40 deserters through Indian Territory according to a Feb 3, 1864 letter. Below are:
1) my "John Wesley Clanton" entry in my 180-page Name Index
2) my web page that addresses three Clantons at Fort Bowie, Arizona Territory on September 13th and 21st and 23rd, 1865.
CLANTON, John Wesley Clanton, b-1831 Missouri; 1900 Mariposa Co CA, p289; 1910 Mariposa Co CA cen p183; Gurley's 30th TX Cav. CSA, probably in Co C since he and his father enlisted in 1862 in Waco, McLennan Co TX (Gen. H.E. McCulloch stated Feb 3, 1863 "Capt. Clanton had led 40 deserters through Indian Territory")
On my web page, I have provided copies of original documents with rather extensive analysis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are loose ends of my 1,046-page book, 70 percent from handwritten records, that I want to correct in my 6th and last edition.
01. Allen, J.H. Allen
02. Bird, S.B. Bird
03. Clanton, Newman Haynes Clanton
04. Clanton, Joseph Isaac Clanton
05. Clanton, John Wesley (more about John Wesley Clanton )
06. Crumb(y), Wm. Crumby, of Wise Co TX
07. Cold, Isaac M. Cole, Cold
08. Harlow, Stephen M. Harlow
09. Johnson, Robert Johnson
10. Laurence, Asa I. (? Adam) Lawrence
11. Lovelace, John H. Lovelace
12. Martin, Henry W. Martin
13. McKenzie, David McKenzie
14. Sears, Marion Sears
15. Sears, Eli A., Sears of Denton Co TX in Bourland's Regt
16. Sears, James Sears of Denton Co TX in Bourland's Regt
17. Dye, John Dye
18. Grumbles, Sam H. Grumbles
19. Taylor, Francis M. Taylor, a Captain
20. Boyce, Isaac E., of Burnet Co TX
21. Burchett, J.S. Burchett
22. Cole, Alfred T. Cole
23. Cole, Isaac M. Cole
24. Cole, Andrew J. Cole
25. Cole, Ben F. Cole
26. Kolb, William Kolb
27. Morrow, William H. Morrow
28. Pyeatt, Andrew M. Pyeatt
29. Washburn, Ethan A. Washburn
30. Wilkins, William G. Wilkins
31. Wilkins, Matthew M. Wilkins
20. ++Boyce, Isaac E....Pvt *** Hunter's..State Militia..from Texas
21. Burchett, J.S............Pvt *** Hunter's..State Militia..from Texas
22. Cole, Alfred T.........Pvt *** Hunter's..State Militia..from Texas
26. Kolb, William.........Pvt *** Hunter's..State Militia..from Texas
28. Pyeatt, Andrew M...Pvt *** Hunter's..State Militia..from Texas
Please scroll down my web page to get an idea about the questioned military service of John Wesley Clanton's service in the CSA. Yes, it could by "Capt. Clauton" but I have not located a Clouton. .
I know that Gurley's 30th Cav. was in Indian Territory:
in mid-Jul 1863
Aug 23, 1863
Nov 1, 1863
and the Feb 3, 1864 letter in question that mentions “Capt. Clanton, Clouton”
Additions, corrections, and comments are welcome
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