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set 6 or (Blue 2)

Frampton, James H.
Age: Unknown
Rank: Unknown
Enlisted: 1861 Columbus GA.
No Record found for 6th MO
Records found for 3rd Battery MO. Light Artillery at surrender.

Francisco, Henry (C) (Clay)
Age: 19 (17)
Enlisted: Feb 23(22) 1862, Cove Creek AR (CSA)
Units: Co. C 3rd MO Inf. Battalion, Feb 28-July 1862
Co. B 6th MO INF. name appears last on rolls July & Aug 1862
Transferred to:
May 12 1862 Kings MO Battery
June 1, 1862 Clarks-King 2nd MO Battery MO Vol.
(Note: Age changes from 19 to 17)
Feb 11 1863, Clark's Battery Van Dorn Div.
Battles: Lexington, Elk Horn, Pea Ridge, Iuka, Corinth, Vicksburg, Yazoo City, Thompson Station, GA- Camp 64 and Forest's fight with Smith in Ala. and Miss.
From: Kentucky
Residence: Saline County MO

Franklin, William E.
Age: 27
Rank: PVT/ Commissioned (no rank listed)
Enlisted: 21(20) Sept 1861, Co. D 1st MO Inf, Capt Caryles Co., Rosser's Reg., 8th Div M.S.G
Discharged: Dec 4 (11) 1861, Actual service 2 months 13 days total paid $28.39
Assigned: Duty as Assistant(Assi.) Surgeon (Surg) 3rd Reg. Cavalry, 6th Division served until enlisted into CSA
Enlisted: March 2 1862 Cove Creek AR. shows on rolls for Co B 6th MO Inf.
Battles as PVT: Elk Horn, Iuka, Corinth
Appointed Assi. Surg. of the 6th MO Inf.Reg. May 6 1863
Commissioned Oct 1, 1863 assigned to 2 & 6 MO Inf. Consolidated as Assi. Surg.
Battles as Assi. Surg. 6th MO: Baker's Creek, Big Black, and Vicksburg.
Battles as Assi. Surg 2 & 6 MO (C): Ga-Camp 1864, Tenn- Camp, Franklin.
Remarks: Left with sick and wounded at Columbus, Tenn. Remained until Dec 17 1864
From: Roan county TN.
Residence: Loan Jack MO.
Note: A Franklin W.E. shows as a Assistant Surgeon for F&S, 8th MO INF. Enlisted March 1, 1862 in Miss.- Appears as present Aug 31/63.

Faulks, Calvin R.
No records found

Garrett, Thomas A.
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: Jan 28 1862 Lafayette MO
Served in Elliot's Reg., 8th Div. M.S.G., Co B 6th MO Inf.
Battles: Lexington, Elk Horn, Where (Correction) Changed-
No record until shown missing port Gibson Miss. May 1, 1863
From: Virginia
Residence: Wellington, MO.
Note: A Garrett, Thomas A. shows on the 40th Reg. MO. Militia (US) as a Corporal of CO E
Enrolled Sept 27th 1864 in Sedalin, MO by Col. J.D. Crawford
Relived from duty Oct 31 1864 by Col. Crawford.


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