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Serving with Honor: The Diary of Captain Eathan Allen Pinnell, Eighth Missouri Infantry (Confederate)

Extracts from Pinnell’s Diary:

8/4 rode over to Coleman’s camp now at Simpson’s Mills on 11 Point River where I found our boys. The boys being agreed to enlist under Coleman. I sent back to White’s camp for the other boys

8/7 …organized a regiment and elected Major Charles S Mitchell as Col.

8/8 broke up camp and moved 16 miles somewhere in Oregon County-about 1800 men in camp.

8/9 moved again to camp near Spring River on Ark line

8/12 …14 mi SW and camped at head of Spring River, Fulton County, Ark.

9/4 struck up camp early at Ash Flat, which we christened Camp Price…camp at Ash Flat [county seat of Sharp Co] I have 39 men many sick prospects gloomy

9/5 into camp on south fork Spring River

9/6 marched 16 miles and again camped at head of Spring River having been absent from this camp 16 days.

9/9 …4 miles to camp on Warm fork of Spring River Oregon County back once more in Missouri down trodden and devastated.

9/19 Broke up Camp Stonewall…marched 18 miles

9/20 Our camp has been christened Camp Holmes

10/4 …We have been in this camp 15 days, a sufficient time I think to satisfy our commander of the locality, as to a camping ground

10/7 wagons with sick leave for West Plains. Rest of command moves tomorrow

10/8 broke up Camp Holmes and took up our line of march on the West Plains road. Had a hard march of 25 miles… struck up camp in vacant houses in West Plains

The colors of the 8th MO Inf CSA
Posted By: Tom Flaspoler
Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2006, at 2:53 p.m.

The Battle Colors of the 8th Missouri Infantry
From Little Rock True Democrat, January 21, 1863
Headquarters, 5th Reg’t Infantry
Camp Holmes, Oregon Co., Mo.
September 27th, 1862
To Misses Casen, Denton, Hinson, etc., Batesville, Arkansas:
Ladies: Your very beautiful flag presented to my regiment through the hands of Adjutant Leddy has been received and it is fit that I should take occasion to express the feeling responsive to the gift.
I assure you ladies there is no gift to the soldier so sacred and dear as the emblem of our countries nationality.
Every heart rejoices, after years of repeated insult and wrong perpetuated against us, to witness this proof, that at last the banner of southern rights and southern independence has been unfurled, and that the noble Huguenot, who never acknowledged a master, has resolved, cost what it may, to be free from Puritan insolence and fanaticism. While woman’s countenance and sheer are the dearest comfort to the weary soldier, it is a proud satisfaction to father, brother and loved one on the battlefield to see before him such evidence of devotion to our common cause, wrought with your own fair fingers as this lovely flag.
I am, ladies, very truly, your friend,
C.S. Mitchell
Col. Com’dg.

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