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Report of Col. Robert R. Lawther, Tenth Missouri Cavalry.

December 6, 1864.
MAJ.: I have the honor to submit the following report of the action
taken by the Tenth Missouri Cavalry while on the recent expedition to
the State of Missouri:

Marched at sunrise on the morning of the 30th of August from
Princeton, Ark., moving in the direction of Dardanelle. Crossed the
Arkansas River at that point on the 6th of September, continuing our
march in the direction of Ironton, Mo., arriving within six miles of that
point on the evening of the 26th of September. There learned that a
heavy Federal force, under command of Gen. Ewing, was stationed
at that point.

September 27 moved promptly at daylight, Gen. Cabell in front. He
charged the enemy, driving them back in the direction of Pilot Knob,
they occupying a strong fort at that point. After considerable skirmishing
the fort was charged by Gen.'s Marmaduke and Fagan. Gen.
Clark's brigade, of which my regiment formed a part, was on the
extreme left. I lost in the charge and the fighting which succeeded it in
killed and wounded 4 officers and 26 men, of whom 4 were killed.
Among the wounded was the brave and gallant Maj. Bennett, who lost
a leg in the charge. His loss was felt not only by his regiment but by the
whole division. During the night the Federals evacuated the fort,
marching in the direction of Rolla, Mo. Next day Clark's brigade
followed closely in pursuit. The Tenth Missouri Regt., being in
advance, came up to the rear guard of the Federals on the morning of
the 29th of September; immediately charged them, driving them back in
confusion, capturing 25 men and killing 2. I lost in the engagement 1
man killed and 2 wounded. On the morning of the 1st of October our
division marched in the direction of Union, Washington Country, Mo.,
at which point some 400 Federals were stationed. When arriving within
one mile of the town Gen. Clark dismounted all of his brigade except
Col. Jeffers' regiment and my own. Col. Jeffers he ordered on
the left, and I was ordered to proceed rapidly around on their right,
cutting off their retreat in the direction of Saint Louis. On arriving on
the Saint Louis road I observed the Federals falling back. We instantly
charged through the town and succeeded in capturing 65 and killing 10.
I had 1 man slightly wounded. On the evening of the 3d captured
Hermann with our brigade. Sustained no loss in our regiment. On the
morning of the 5th marched in the direction of Linn. I was detached by
Gen. Marmaduke and ordered to burn the Gasconade bridge and the
bridge across Bailey's Creek. On arriving at the bridge across the
Gasconade I found the railroad bridge had already been destroyed by
Col. Wood. I destroyed the railroad bridge across Bailey's Creek and
rejoined the brigade at Linn. On the 9th marched through California.
The Federals attacked our brigade, which was in rear, shelling us as we
passed through the town. I had 2 men wounded by a shell bursting in
our ranks. On the evening of the 11th engaged the enemy at Boonville,
driving them back. Had 2 men wounded.

Gen. Clark crossed the Missouri River with his brigade on the 14th,
and on the morning of the 15th marched on Glasgow, attacking
the Federals at that point at about 10 o'clock. I was ordered to keep my
regiment mounted and move rapidly to the north of the town and prevent
the enemy from escaping in that direction. After some three hours'
fighting the Federal cavalry surrendered to me, numbering 157. I lost
during the engagement 1 man killed and 4 wounded. Recrossed the river
on the night of the 16th, marching on in the direction of Independence,
engaging a Federal force under command of Gen. Blunt at the
crossing of the Little Blue; drove him back through Independence. My
loss was 1 man killed, 1 officer and 12 men wounded, and 6 men
captured. 22d, in command of rear guard, Federals pursuing closely.
Had 2 men wounded at the crossing of the Big Blue. Fell back and
reformed on the west side of Blue. Fought them stubbornly at that point.
On the 23d had 2 men wounded, and the enemy succeeded in capturing
Lieut.-Col. Young and Capt. Davidson, of my regiment, both
brave, gallant officers. On the morning of the 25th marched in the
direction of Fort Scott, Kans. The Federals attacked our rear guard at
sunrise, and a general engagement was the result, which resulted
unfavorable to us. I lost in the engagement 4 officers wounded and 7
captured by the enemy, 9 men killed, 17 wounded, and 58 captured.
Engaged the enemy again on the evening of the 28th at Newtonia. Had
1 man wounded. This was the last engagement had with the enemy.

My loss on the expedition was as follows: Nine officers wounded and
9 captured; 47 men wounded, 16 killed, 64 captured.

I am, major, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Col., &c.

Assistant Inspector-Gen., Marmaduke's Brigade.

Source: Official Records
[Series I. Vol. 41. Part I, Reports. Serial No. 83.]

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