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I had a friend tell me I am looking at the wrong event - here is what I am trying t figure out.

This is quote from the book "Laclede County, Missouri Civil War Veterans" compiled and typed by Charlene Hopkins Published by Laclede County Historical Society 1994
"CAFFEY, FRANCIS M. - Pvt. Co. "A" 73 rd Regt. Enlisted 28 July 1862, discharged 28 Nov. 1862. Reenlisted 7 Oct 1864 and was killed in action 7 Nov 1864. Served a total of 150 days in the Army, EMM Union."

Using "Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri, Vol iv, Sept 1864-June 1865" by Bruce Nichols pg 36
"Two unidentified bands of Rebels or guerrillas committed atrocities in Laclede County the night before (the 7th) the national election on November 8th. Major John Cosgrove of the 8th Cavalry MSM, the commander at Lebanon, reported that each of those bands of 60 men crossed the main Rolla to Springfield road that night about eight miles either side of town. The soldiers out on patrol had all the healthy horses from the post, so the major and his remaining men were helpless to take action. The major reported that some of the bushwhackers hanged one member of the 73rd EMM to death with a logging chain only six miles from town, and his men heard about other hangings of northern men. In a later letter to relatives Lizzie Gilmore, who lived near Lebanon at this time, wrote that she heard of the guerrillas hanging as many as fifteen men that night. Perhaps, the killer wanted to intimidate Republican voters from going to the polls the next day."

The individual hung is noted in his book as Pvt. Thomas Travillion of Company D , 73rd EMM, but the rumor, according to his recorded source, implied there were others - maybe not killed in such a graphic fashion. My relative lived and is buried in Phillipsburg, about 12 miles SW of Lebanon on the Springfield Rolla road.

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