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15th Missouri Cav. / Kirby Ross


I would like to trade emails if that's possible. I am working on the 15th Missouri Cav., Reed's Co. C. In particular, a man named William Holland that was a part of this company. I am the founder/creator of the "Quantrill Special Collections Research", a special collections at the Benton County (Arkansas) Historical Society in Bentonville. It promotes the study and research of the Kansas-Missouri border wars and "Bleeding Kansas." I could use help on this company, as I said, particularly Holland. I have looked at Fold3 and Holland's records are just two cards. The second card is the standard name, eyes, hair, etc. I can't find anything on when he enlisted except that he enlisted in Arkansas. No dates, year, nothing. Any more help would be greatly appreciated!

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15th Missouri Cav. / Kirby Ross
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