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Hello Dan Furtak, I'm presuming you mean: 8th MO. Vol. Cav., USA? - There were Two Regiments, one on each side: USA & CSA. - It has been awhile since I visited this site. {I'm writing a Book about "Family History" - for which I CHOPPED the FT down by DNA!} My documented ancestors and I are: Biggs - {My DNA proved out a Family Skeleton! Our Ancestor David Biggs, 1777/80 of N.C. was born: David Manning! - Four DNA's now Confirm: I Proved out the "Family Skeleton" and it DANCED to the Right tune! WE are "Manning" by Blood.} * Civil War information put me on part of that trail. - Thus, my ancestors, {Biggs} three brothers and one cousin served in the USA Regiment. I have not found any pictures of them. * A few others have shown up on FindAGrave postings. {Off-hand, I did not Note them as having a picture.} So, my question is: If you have any pictures of Men of the USA Regiment that identify a person as a "Biggs", would you Please advise or send it to me directly?! I do have two civilian pictures of my Great-grandfather, Andrew Allen Biggs just before he passed in 1924. No Military Uniform or anything. {Earlier picture with wife shows him with a beard; this one, later one, he is clean shaven.} - I did some research on the 8th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, USA and wrote a Short Military Bio for Each Man of that Regiment and it is posted on my local Genealogy Society's web-page. - Your Welcome to check out: - "Special Collections" - Ralph Biggs - e-mail address: - Subject: Civil War / Pictures / Questions? {Not sure when I might get back here!}

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