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C. W. Hicks

I am looking for information on C. W. Hicks. He is Charles Whitsett Hicks, and he was sutler for the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the Army of the West. The record show that he mustered a Private into the 1st Battalion (=Hedgpeth’s Battalion), Company B, organized in Dunklin County, Missouri, with William L. Watkins as company commander, and M. Jeff Thompson as division head, in March 1862. Troops that entered Hedgpeth's Battalion were all recruited from the 1st Division of the Missouri State Guard, which was M. Jeff Thompson's division. But I do not have lists of troops of Thompson's 1st Division of the Missouri State Guard, so I am unsure if Hicks was enlisted in the Missouri State Guard before they joined with the Confederate troops, or if perhaps he was a civilian member as sutler. So, if anyone can share information about C. W. Hicks' possible enlistment in the Missouri State Guard, or any other information about him, I would be most appreciative.