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Centralia Massacre victims

Occasionally over the years there have been inquiries on this board regarding the names of the Union soldiers taken off the train at Centralia and summarily executed by Bloody Bill Anderson, et al. I'm not sure whether those inquiries have ever been fully satisfied. However, I'm diving back into my research, working on an in-depth manuscript on the Union movements and mindset that resulted in Major A.V.E. Johnston leading his troops to such a disaster in the immediate aftermath of the executions of those troops from the train.

As a result, I've come across an October 6, 1864 issue of the Leavenworth (Ks) Times providing these names of soldiers taken from the train. My apologies if they have already been provided in earlier posts--

Private Owen P. Yore, Company A, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private Ed Madura, Company C, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private John Russell, Company C, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private Oscar B. William, Company B, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private George W. Dilley, Company B, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Corporal ----- Arnold, Company E, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private Charles Carpenter, Company K, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Private William R. Barnum Company F, 23rd Iowa Volunteers, on sixty days sick furlough from New Orleans

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