The Missouri in the Civil War Message Board

Was it the same men?

In doing further research on Livingston and his men, I naturally came across the attack on the Rader Farm. I read in a couple of places that the attack was Livingston and approximately 70 men.

Then there was this passage I found on the Indian territory message board:

On April 27, 1863, a task force of 75 men from Cos. C (Captain John R. Harden) and H (Captain William H. Shannon) of the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Volunteers was detached to accompany Livingston on his return to Missouri. 1st Lt William Hicks Hendren was the senior officer from Company C in this detachment, while Capt. Shannon led the men from Co. H. It is possible, although not stated in the muster rolls, that Lt Col Thomas Porter Hammack of the 2nd Cherokee was the leader of the task force.

Is the men stated above from April 1863 the same 70 or so men that attacked the Rader farm?