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Re: Prairie Grove Massacre eyewitness account

I have identified the following as Callaway Co judges around the period described:

Joseph Flood
Sam B Collier
George Bartley
G.E.O. Hockaday
I.O. Hockaday
Thomas Ansell

pulled from Fulton, Missouri 1820 - 1920, By Carolyn Paul Branch, Longbranch, 2010

From History of Callaway County National Historical Press 1884

County court justices. -George King, 738; Milton Cleveland, 731 ; John S. Henderson, 288; Isaac Branham, 360.
County court justices.- William Robinson, 579; Joseph Fisher, 180.
Justices of the county court. George King, 640; James McClanahan, 753; E. M. Overfelt, 81; M. Cleveland, 423; George B. Hop- kins, 820; Isaac P. Hone, 11.
County court justices. -James Baskett, 632; John A. Burt,
County judges.- J. McClanahan, 1,050; G. W. Morris, 969; F. G. Nichols, 488; T. S. Ferguson, 386.
County judge.-N. Bodsworth, 633; John A. Burt, 981. 1852.
County court justices.-M. Bright (W.), 749; William H. Bailey (W.),
County court. -W. Carrington, 881 ; G. B. Hopkins, 763.
County judges. - Henry Cave, 823 ; Michael Bright, 815; Charles A. Ming, 1,136; Joseph Flood, 1,070.
Justice county court.- G. B. Hopkins,--- W.R. Kidwell.
Judge county court.- John W. Veitch, 600; H. F. Renoe, 712; B. F. Bailey, 199 ; Charles A. Ming, 167.
Judge county court.- Henry F. Renoe, 787; Hugh Tincher, 1,651.
County judge.- Elijah V. Dyson, 1,290 ; Samuel B. Collier, 1,265; Isaiah 0. Craighead, 756.

As you can tell the list is long but some sleuthing and WAGs leads me to putting Joseph Flood or HF Renoe highon the list. George Bartley comes in a close 3rd.

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