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Trial Transcription found
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In digging through my files I see I have a transcription of the State of Missouri v Dr. J.D. Todd trial proceedings. Incredible depth of detail. List of witnesses. Court stenographer A.E. Elliott. Judge J.B. Johnson handled pretrial proceedings. Judge H.C. Timmonds handled the trial. Defense Counsel included former supreme court justice W.W. Williams. Co-counsel A.J. King, C.G. Burton. Sheriff Harkreader and his deputies Davis and Harkreader served summonses on 200 witnesses and 60 potential jurors. Jurors selected from that pool for the trial were Matthew Downey, J.K. Dawson, John Biggs, C.T. Broughton, W.W. James, A.H. Bartley, W.W. Wilcox, A.D. Crabtree, Bart Triplett, George Plumb, Charles Budson, Robert Singleton.

Judge's statements. Defense and prosecution opening statements and closing statements. Witness testimony including direct examination and cross examination. I'm looking at at least -- at least -- 20,000 words in front of me.

Example. John Price recalled to the stand. Cross examination. Response: ....No sir, I did not tell Dr. Tom Todd that there was no gun found on Mr. Wall. It was 10 or 20 minutes before Tom Todd came in and looked at Mr. Wall. I felt in Mr. Wall's hip and pants pocket. I found a knife in his right pocket. After we made the search it was announced that Mr. Wall had no pistol. Yes sir, I said that there was no pistol on Mr. Wall.

[For context on that above entry, the defendant's son was accused of planting a gun on the victim in order to establish a plausible defense.]

Another example. Testimony of Hamett White. Question: Do you mean to say you can tell just what the horse did or what Mr. Wall did between the last shots? Response: I was looking right at Mr. Wall and the horse and was doing nothing else. I saw a sediment come from Mr. Wall's hat, yes sir, I mean to say that from where I stood I could see the dust come from his hat. I don't know what Dr. Todd was doing all this time, nor what anyone else was doing, yes sir.....

I have a lot to digest here....

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