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T.G.W Sallee, GW Young - Quantrill Guerrillas


Looking for any info on Theopolis George Washington Sallee (1st Lt. 12th Mo Cav, Shanks and ?Quantrill?) and George W. Young, (Pvt, Quantrill)

From what I understand GW Young married TGW Sallee's daughter Anne Elizabeth Sallee on 28th Dec, 1863, the middle of the war. Both are on Warren Welches list of Quantrill Guerrillas.

TGW Sallee was the superintendent of the Jackson County Poor farm, which was purchased from Cole Younger's father Henry Younger. His obituary describes him as a "Southern Sympathizer and a Democrat beyond any probability of a doubt"

There is written correspondence between GW Young and Warren Welch, but I haven't been able to find it. GW Young is also pictured on the 1920 Quantrill reunion photo, but not sure which one he is. Both supposedly attended reunions.

Any additional information would be appreciated. Direct GGGG/GGGGG descendent of both. My grandfather was raised by GW Young's daughter and she was spoken very highly of by everyone who knew her. He grew up in Missouri and held deep anti-KS sentiments, and I'm not sure he ever knew why.

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