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New perspective of Lewis Ford's Paw Paw?

In reigniting research of a man in the 82nd Regiment E.M.M., Company C. I am seeming to lean more at Ford's Co. C actually fighting at Camden Point, Mo.

There is this from the MO. Provost Marshal's papers:
"Letter urging immediate action; group of men were conscripted into Confederate service by Col. Thornton and were able to eventually leave; want military protection, and to be restored to their families and homes"
Most of the men listed in this entry are from Ford's Co. C including Lewis Ford himself.

Also in this is a letter dated July 26, 1864 in which it is stated that they were immediately ordered to Col. Thornton in which the company complied thinking they would be deemed prisoners of war. Then...."But when we arrived at Thornton's headquarters, we were asked to volunteer in the Confederate service some of the boys seemed disposed to do this so Thornton told us that we were conscripted and ordered us into line to take the oath which they nearly all did a few however slid out we know not how, we were then marched to Camden Point and from thence around through different counties and at last arriving back in Platte...."

Additionally, Henry Broadhurst of Platte County, also one of Ford's Co. C, was arrested at his home by a Mr. Brandon of a MSM regiment. Henry was not told who gave the orders for his arrest. Along with the papers of this entry, there is a torn piece of paper that says, "Let him enlist if he will if not commit him to prison."

The last entry of Broadhurst's statement says he was visited by a couple of Capt. Noland's men who called for breakfast, ate and went away.
Subscribed Sept 15, 1864.

To me, it seems like Ford's Co. C did, in fact, fight at Camden Point and served in some form thereafter. I am wondering if Broadhursts's arrest and threat of "commit him to prison" was because they knew he was a part of those who voluntarily fought for Thornton. There is no other military service records of Broadhurst. Only his 82nd EMM in Ford's Co. C. So it is unknown if he would up going to prison, of which there is no records of him doing so.

Your opinions and translations of this info would be greatly appreciated!

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New perspective of Lewis Ford's Paw Paw?
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